Rio Mambo’s and Royal Falcon Saturday, Mar 28 2009 

Rio Mamba Dinner

27 March 2009

Happy Birthday, Mama!

After a long work week and a solid day of sewing, six o’clock finally came! Ronnie had carefully organized a gathering of our friends from back in our comic book retailng days! Thanks largely to Facebook, we had all found each other online, and learned that so many of us were once again (or still) living nearby. We met at Rio Mambo’s—a delicious, if not somewhat over-priced Tex Mex place on the west side of Fort Worth. We had been there once before and the most noteable thing about the meals there is that they really do have margaritas “the size of my head!” Kyle and I shared one tonight!  We also shared this delicious plate which involved cheese enchiladas, two eggs, fajita beef strips and fresh avocado!  Again, I have to end a paragraph by saying “yum!”

It was really wonderful to see so many beloved familiar faces. These are folks, many of whom were part of our daily or at least weekly lives. Customers, employees, artists, collectors . . . friends. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get together with all of them, and I look forward to such a gathering not being so rare!

After dinner, Kyle and I took advantage of being already on the west side of town, and popped on over to the Royal Falcon to grab a pint and hear another old friend perform. Again, thanks to Facebook, I’d gotten the word that Rodger Harrison was going to be “playing with by himself” tonight at the Falcon. (His promo poster was worded exactly that way and it amused me!)  So, despite the horribly smoky-smelling air, we ordered a round of Twisted Thistle (a great little brew from one of our favourites–Belhaven) and it wasn’t long before we were hugging and chatting with old friends.  Rodger even noticed us from the stage, and thanked us for coming in the middle of his set!  Talk about knowing we did the right thing by going there!  We grabbed a table, and during our tenure there, we  got in some quality time with Matthew, Steve, Elaine, Randy, Craig and Deanna!  By t he time we finally had to pull our plug on the night, we’d moved to a bigger table and been joined by Denise and Ken and Kelly and Bert!   It probably goes without saying that the conversation was lively and very amusing.  It was a great evening.  I only wish we didn’t have to go home from such things smelling like an ash tray!  <sigh>

But, clothes and hair wash, and life is short.  Too short, and too uncertain to pass up opportunities like tonight afforded us.  We went from one wonderful gathering of old friends to another, and I consider myself truly blessed to have such amazing people,  and such happy memories in my life.  Here’s to making more happy memories with nights such as this one.  Slainte!


Dancer in a Spin Wednesday, Nov 26 2008 

Dancer in a Spin

23 November 2008

I took a break from the shoppe today!  My first time out of the booth during the faire day in three weeks.  I had intended to walk the areas of the faire I hadn’t seen yet, this year, but instead, I spent a lot of my time at the nearest stage to our booth, watching Wine and Alchemy.  Formerly E-Muzeki (with a different mix of members), the amount of enjoyment I got from this show was a surprise to me!  Some dancing, some singing, lots of fun instrumentation, and perhaps the highlight—an incredibly talented male dancer!  This guy completely commanded my attention when he danced.  I was so impressed. 

It was another average day for us in sales, although up until the last sale of the day, I was a little worried.  The crowd was very light—kept small by the weatherman who had foretold rain that never really came.  We felt a few little drops at one point, but anything wetter must have happened somewhere else.   But, at least the small crowd allowed me to see a show!


“Antique Rogues Show” at TRF Tuesday, Nov 18 2008 

Antique Rogues Show 10

16 November 2008

After a Saturday at TRF that finally rocked and rolled for us at Pendragon—there was even better music on Sunday!  The Rogues, formerly known as the Scottish Rogues, and more recently, disbanded, reunited on Sunday for four amazing performances during the faire day.  How wonderful to have Bryan, Randy, Jimmy and Lars all in one place, and playing together again!  (Even EJ joined in for a couple of songs.)

I was lucky enough to be able to get out of the booth with Kyle for long enough to catch the third show of the day.  It was almost like old times—except that we’re all so much older!  The original “Rogue Rat”, Erin French, was there with Bobby and Paige!  She’s sixteen, now and her little sisters were the ones dancing in Daddy’s arms and running around.  Bryan had his two pre-teen boys collecting tips!  And, sadly, there wasn’t a lot of lilting going on.  But, the music and the spirit and the fun was certainly not lacking!  What happy memories—what a great performance in the “now.”

Thanks, guys!  We miss you!


iPod Love – Late, Rather than Never Tuesday, Sep 23 2008 

21 September 2008
I resisted the siren call of the iPod for a long time. If you read my ramblings, you will have noted that I love my music. I even include the song I’m listening to when I write a particular post at the bottom of the post. I’m almost never without music in some form. So, when the iPod came out I was delighted as it meant easy access to portable music in the form of iPod clones. Unfortunately, every clone I tried was worse than the one before. They were clumsy to use, too small to hold enough songs for a long flight, or too large to fit in my pocket comfortably.Finally, despite my overarching despite for anything proprietary, I broke down and bought an iPod. I bought a refurbished one so I didn’t have to pay the obnoxiously expensive full price; and haven’t looked back. The iPod truly is a remarkable feat of mechanical engineering. It’s slick, easy to hold, easy to navigate and easy to use. I detest iTunes, but haven’t found anything else I prefer more yet…although believe me I keep trying. This is my iPod
It’s got 40gb of music ranging from classical (Mozart, Brahms and Strauss primarily) to hip-hop/rap (JayZ & Eminem) to Death/Black Metal (Ministry, Blind Guardian). I also have most every CD I’ve ever bought at a Renaissance Festival (Corsairs, Queen Anne’s Lace, Jolly Rogers &c.) and most of the music I’ve bought at Scottish & Irish Festivals (Brother, Clandestine, Saw Doctors &c.) across the country.
In a comment to my post yesterday, Deborah asked why I like the Saw Doctors and how I found out about them. Here’s the story:

Several years ago my boss & I were on a business trip to Portland, Oregon. We had some time on our hands, so being who we are and what we do when travelling, we found a local bar. This bar, the name of which I can’t recall, was an Irish bar of some flair. Beautifully decorated, with a fine selection of Scotch & Irish whiskies and a decent selection of draught beers. We settled in. It wasn’t too long before I commented on the hat that the bartender was wearing, as it was a Pogues hat. We established soon thereafter that the bartender and I shared a common love of the neuevo-Celtic sound that was being made popular by groups such as the Pogues, the Flogging Molly’s, the Dropkick Murphy’s and the Saw Doctors. I aired my ignorance and asked who the Saw Doctors were. He disappeared into the back and brought forth two CDs which he gifted me. The first, Play it Again, Sham was by the Saw Doctors while the second was the debut album of Four Men & A Dog. When we left, the Saw Doctors CD went straight in and we listened to it for the remainder of that trip. Both Terrill & I liked them so much that the next summer we made a trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul to see them in concert at a little Irish Festival they have up there. I’ve been a monumental fan of their’s ever since.
Deborah, I hope that answers your questions.

I hate to admit it, but I love my iPod.

~KR (Written on 23 September 2008 )

Listening to:
Still in Love Song by The Stills
from Veronica Mars Unofficial Soundtrack

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My Didg Wednesday, Mar 19 2008 

14 March 2008
Friday night. A totally unremarkable day, ending with a totally unremarkable photo.
This is a didgeridoo made by a friend of mine:
I play it, but I don’t play it well.

~KR (Written on 19 March 2008)

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Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 5.8 mm
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