25 April 2008
Another game-inspired post. This one about Bagatelle.
Bagatelle is an indoor game related to pool. Although sources vary on whom deserves credit for the first Bagatelle game, they do all agree that Bagatelle is most likely the result of attempting to move outdoor games, such as croquet & shuffleboard into the parlour. The earliest known Bagatelle-like tables seem to date from the 15th century and are very primitive in form and function. It wasn’t until the 17th century that the French narrowed the common billiards table and placed permanent pins on it that the game of Bagatelle became the game we know today . The game gained its name in 1777 (sources disagree on the exact date) when a party in honour of Louis XIV was held at the Chateau de Bagatelle by the Count of Artois. The highlight of this party was this splendid new game that the Count dubbed Bagatelle. The game is the precursor of our modern pinball & pachinko games and is played similarly. It is quite like pachinko in that you have only the initial strike with which to control your ball as there are no flippers like exist in pinball. However, it is more akin to pinball with it’s table-structure and gently inclined playing field (Pachinko has a vertical face). This version is a miniaturized version of that 1777 Bagatelle table where the cue stick has been replaced by a wooden spring-driven plunger and the ivory balls have been replaced by steel ball bearings.
Bagatelle Close-Up
Find a Bagatelle game and play it. It is great fun.

~KR (Written on 28 April)

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