My Shoe Monday, Aug 31 2009 

27 August 2009
A few years back I found myself in Scotland without walking shoes. I had the shoes I flew in (as an Airline employee, I need to always dress Business when I fly) and some dress shoes, but I had no knock-abouts. So, Marita Beth & I went to the Scottish equivalent of Walmart and bought me some shoes & socks. This is one of those shoes.
Sneaker Closeup
They are the first pair of Nike’s I’ve owned that I truly like.

~KR (Written on 31 August 2009)

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PubGuys PubCast #3 by PubGuys

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Bristol VIII Bloody Mary Sunday Monday, Aug 31 2009 

Bristol VIII Bloody Mary Sunday

30 August 2009

Fall has come to Bloody Mary Sunday! And, to make my photo even more interesting—meet my newest piece of Girl Glass! It matches my new Greentree Weaving wrap! And the swath of daring in my hair (fading all too rapidly, I’m sad to report).

It’s been a peacock sort of summer!

Perfect, crisp . . . okay kinda cold . . . faire weather today. People in layers. It was a decent day in the booth, but I was able to take a quick walk with Ginger after six o’clock. The results of that little excursion were captured on film by others . . . perhaps I’ll find a way to share that silliness another day.

After hours, we decided to stay in again . . . Kelly and Delaenya and I gathered in Kelly’s house and ended up in a game of three-hand mah jongg! Then . . . I had the wonderful good fortune of finding Shannon still at the Pig and Whistle when I went home around midnight, and I went with her back to the studio where she and Kyrana and Chad Fabulous and I sat around the furnace and chatted until way too late.

How I love my Wisconsin summers . . . I just want Kyle and Cormac and ‘Tia to be able to enjoy them, too! My whole family here would make July and August just about perfect!


Autumn in August Monday, Aug 31 2009 

Autumn in August

29 August 2009

I realized far too late, that my only photos from today look exactly like my photos from yesterday, except dry. So, there you have it. A beautiful, chilly day at faire, and no photos of people in their costumes, or of my staff having fun. Or of the beautiful strawberry-rhubarb or blueberry pies that Kristen baked for us. Or of the lovely new wrap that George gifted me with from Greentree Weaving. Or of the pretty pouches I made this week. Nope. Just me and my obsession with fall leaves.


Early Autumn Rain Saturday, Aug 29 2009 

Autumn Deck

28 August 2009

Almost everybody who knows me, knows how I love autumn and how homesick I get for New York when I know the leaves are turning. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to experience a northern fall, but this year I seem to be coming awfully close!  I took today’s photo early this morning—this is the deck that makes up the stage at the Pig and Whistle pub next door— zoomed in from my balcony/roof. I actually like this photo so much, it might need to be my new computer wallpaper for a while.

I know the calendar still reads August and that Fall doesn’t officially start until the Equinox in September. But, we certainly seem to be having fall weather in Wisconsin right now. The temperatures have been cool for well over a week, and there has been considerable precipitation. In fact, the faire site is really quite soggy and not at all ready for the thousands of feet that will trample it tomorrow and Sunday. I wouldn’t suggest coming anywhere near this faire site without wearing wellies this weekend!

Except for a brief outing for dinner this evening with Kelly and Shannon and Kyrana and Chad and a new friend, ChadDavid, I was on site all day, most of it spent in the workshop sewing.

I snapped my photos for today, very early in the day, and it has continued to rain!  It’s going to be an interesting weekend.


Twittering the Tiles Friday, Aug 28 2009 

Twittering the Tiles

27 August 2009

I worked the glass studio again this morning . . . we made a whole pile of pumpkins! I took this fun shot of the furnace door after we were done.  Too busy to take pictures while working! Again, I did various apprentice-y things, including playing with the gold leaf!

The next adventure of my day was the meeting with the contractor and our craft coordinator about our very leaky roof. I’ll be waiting anxiously for the estimate for those repairs.

When I was finally free of all that, I ran out to do my necessary errands of the day.  Next to the brand new FedEx/Kinko’s store, was this!  I had to take the photo—I knew Kyle and Ronnie, at least would appreciate it!  Who knew Kenosha would get a Games Workshop store?  After a Target run, I then met Ginger and Kelly and Kat at George’s house for pizza and mah jongg. George has this gorgeous set of “enrobed” mah jongg tiles that we all love to use! I wonder how easy it is to tell whose hands are whose in my photo of the day?


Thank you, Jeff! Friday, Aug 28 2009 

Thank you, Jeff!

26 August 2009

I worked in the glass studio, today! It’s been such a hectic summer, this is the first chance I’ve had. The timing isn’t bad for Shannon, either, since her main assistant went home a week or so ago, and it’s time to gear up for final weekend and the pumpkin patch event she goes home to in the fall. So, we made tumblers and pumpkins. I didn’t do any actual blowing, but I paddled and did other various apprentice-type jobs. It just felt good to be on the floor, again!

Then, the triumverate—Kelly, Ginger and I toodled on up to Milwaukee, where our presence had been requested at the Giesen Manor for a small, intimate dinner. There is just simply not enough time to spend with all our Wisconsin family, and we were overdue for some quiet Larry and Denise time. The evening was marvelous, the food divine, as always.

And me, with no camera in my purse. I’d taken it to the glass studio where I forgot to take photos, I was so busy working. And it never found its way back into my purse.

So, when I sat down to think about The Daily KRuMB, I still had no photo from today. That’s when I remembered I hadn’t yet shared with Kyle, our newest acquisition and decided this was one way to do that. So, my photo today, is of a small part of the newest completed page in the sketch book where Kyle and I have collected original art from very talented people, since 1993. The book contains sketches, some in pencil, many in ink and some even coloured, from artists we befriended during our years in the comics and games industries. And almost all the artists worked within the theme we chose for the book—music and dance. There is beautiful work from such folks as Dave Sim (Cerebus), Jeff Smith (Bone), Denis Kitchen (Kitchen Sink Press), Drew Hayes (Poison Elves), Phil Foglio (Girl Genius), Mike Mignola (Hellboy), NéNé Thomas (Magic, the Gathering cards) . . . the list goes on. Incredible pieces by dear friends such as Kerry Gammill, Brian Denham, Steve Erwin, Keith Wilson . . . and some who are no longer earthbound, as well. Among our favourite pieces, certainly invoking the most sentimentality, are a beautiful coloured rendering of the Green Lantern by creator Mart Nodell, and a quintessential pencil of The Spirit by creator Will Eisner. Legends, those two. Sometimes flipping the pages in the book makes me so “homesick” for that industry and those people.

But, this week, there is happy joy in the book once again. After a period of semi-retirement lasting nearly nine years (the previously most recent page is dated 2000), the book is off the shelf and was once again in the hands of a talented artist this past weekend. Jeff Easley, fantasy artist extraordinaire, has a booth here at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I discovered him here about three years ago, and was thrilled and delighted to meet him. Jeff is best known for his work with TSR—the Dungeons and Dragons people, back before Wizards of the Coast got ahold of it—beautiful fantasy scenes of dragons and landscapes and battles. And, my favourites of his work are the ones where it’s all about the dragon, and you can see the personality of the beast—some are cranky, some are devious, some are wise . . . fabulous stuff. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Jeff a little bit. He experimented with a booth at TRF last year, and joined us for dinner on occasion. Now, this year, here at Bristol, I have seen even more of him, and I boldly asked him to take a look at our book and to please add his talent to the mix. He agreed, and what I got back from him is this wonderful inked drawing of one of his signature-style dragons holding a dancing fairy in the palm of his hand! I was so happy with it I was giddy on Sunday morning when he returned the book to me. I can hardly wait for Kyle to see the whole thing and in person. But, for now, this will have to do!


Another Wedding! Friday, Aug 28 2009 

Newlyweds Nick and Desiree

25 August 2009

A day of work and errands eventually ended with a delightful early evening wedding and reception—my second “wedding” event in two days! It’s been the summer for that!  Desiree is the proprietor of a renfaire business called Nomadia which sells lovely middle Eastern-inspired clothing. When we all showed up at Bristol this summer, she was sporting a charming young man on her arm, and just days later they announced their engagement. Today was their wedding day.

The wedding took place in the chapel at the Kemper Center in Kenosha—a beautiful place that was built in the nineteenth century as a boarding school for girls. They had what was actually a very traditional western wedding, complete with veil and scriptures, but spiced up a little with personalized vows. It was a small, intimate affair, and over rather quickly. My camera batteries were dying so I conserved my photo taking (indoor photos were too blurry to take many) and snapped my photo of the day as we all left the beautiful chapel. (I took this one of Shannon and Kyrana, before the wedding.)

Next came dinner at a place I’d never been! Yay! Pazzo’s—a very upscale-feeling restaurant with a fabulous menu.  I had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy some quality time with Chad and Shannon and Kyrana—we all opted to order plates off the Tapas menu and share everything four ways—it was perfect! Fabulous company, tasty mojitos and a selection of cheese and scallops and dips and breads . . . a yummy evening all-round.


Wind Point Lighthouse, the Zoo and a Wedding Friday, Aug 28 2009 

Top of the Lighthouse

24 August 2009

Monday.   My turn to wake up feeling a little like roadkill warmed over.  Sore throat.  Bad headache.  Not hungry at all . . . not even wanting coffee. So many of my friends have had the crud—I sure didn’t want it. I finished my paperwork for Pendragon, had a short visit with Delaenya and Kelly and was in the process of trying to decide what to do with myself, when Kelly called.  She was taking Delaenya and Lacey to the airport, and then needed to do a post office run, and a banking errand, and figured if I went with her, we could also do lunch.  Since I wasn’t feeling well enough to make decisions on my own, I got dressed to go along.

We dropped the girls off at the Milwaukee Airport and then headed back south to Racine where I needed to go to the bank.  Then, even though I was still not feeling very good, we went to lunch—a sweet little place Kelly knew about right near the lake, called Red Onion Cafe.  Yum.  I was still dealing with a very nasty headache through lunch, but it was so tasty and the company so pleasant, I soon talked myself right out of the pain. (Of course the ibuprofen didn’t hurt, either!)

We were too late by this point, for me to make it to my other banking location in Kenosha, so we decided to take a little Monday afternoon detour to the Wind Point Lighthouse.  Kelly and John had recently found the place, and she knew I’d appreciate it.  She was right!  This is a totally charming little “Great Lakes Lighthouse” from the nineteenth century.  It is now the center of the village of Wind Point, and houses their small police department.  There is a small museum and a delightful garden area.  I was completely charmed and will now look forward to showing it to other people.  We were headed back south again, when we came upon the Racine Zoo and both commented we’d never been there, and kept meaning to visit. *beat* *beat* “Well, why not?” we both decided . . . we didn’t have anything terribly pressing today—not until later anyway.  So, Kelly dropped me at the curb, I bought the tickets ($5 each!) and she parked her van.  For the next hour and a half, we had a fabulous time walking around this small municipal zoo, taking photos and soaking up some sunshine.  Although the “big ticket” animals seem to be limited to a lion, a tiger, a couple of giraffes and a nice primate exhibit, the historical buildings are lovely, and the gardens and grounds are beautiful.  Well worth the five bucks admission.

We came back to faire site and had just enough time to relax and check our email and such, before heading back into Kenosha for a dinner gathering with some friends.  The girls who own our beloved Franks Diner, Chris and Lynn, had signed the papers today on their civil union and we weren’t wanting to miss their “wedding dinner.”  The gathering was at Ashling on the Lough, another place we’ve come to appreciate for both its atmosphere and its menu.  Drinks in the bar, and then a wonderful private banquet room for the dinner.  After dinner, everyone went back to Chad’s house for his homemade tiramisu (recipe borrowed from Sandy).  Not a tiramisu fan, myself, but this stuff was yummy.

Finally, way later than we’d have preferred, we were back in our respective little houses around midnight.  It had been a long day, but an unusually marvelous Monday!


Bristol VII Bloody Mary Sunday Thursday, Aug 27 2009 

Bristol VII Bloody Mary Sunday

23 August 2009

Our normal Sunday morning tradition . . . yummy bloody marys . . . and we added one more convert to our wiley ways, as Kyrana joined us today!

It was a perfectly beautiful day at faire. Big crowds. Interestingly, the crowd was almost too big. I believe there comes a point at which the crowd gets in its own way and the merchants actually suffer. When it’s so busy that everyone has to wait in line for food, wait in line for bathrooms, wait in line for beer and soda; and the shows are standing room only—I believe that it creates a “frenzy” of sorts that keeps people in the lanes and at the shows. They just don’t seem to shop. Now, if the crowd gets *so* big, that the lanes get too crowded, then, the merchants win. But, that’s a rare and elusive thing.

So, sales were good, just not super excellent. And, at the end of the day, we were exhausted. So tired, in fact, that none of us even went out to dinner! I ate a bowl of cereal as I did my numbers, and Ginger came over and we enjoyed a good visit while the Pig and Whistle was alive with “rock and roll night.” This amusing photo of Artemis was taken during our visit while Ginger and she played. And, at about one o’clock when the Pig was finally quiet, we called it a night and there was sleep.


Mike as a PG Thursday, Aug 27 2009 

26 August 2009
PubCast #4 was recorded tonight at the Big Apple Cafe in Ft. Worth. This time – and for the first time – we had PGs (what we call our fans) show up to not only watch, but in some cases participate.
Mike Becomes a PG
This is Mike, an MMA fan and proselytizer of the sport. He gave the PubGuys quite a lesson on the workings of MMA and was a welcome addition to the show. Thanks, Mike.

~KR (Written on 27 August 2009)

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Pope John II, Jerry Springer, and Me by Seanchai & the Unity Squad
from Irish Catholic Boy

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