My first photo Tuesday, Oct 31 2006 


My first ever photo posting is also from my first ever experimentation with the macro setting on my little camera.  (Thanks Mary!)

What remains to be seen, now, is if I can remember what I’ve just done, and be able to duplicate the process tomorrow!


Feeling strangely confident Monday, Oct 30 2006 

Only two more days for Kyle to teach me how this is all going to work.  I have never done anything remotely like this whole “blog” thing.  But, I’m excited about it, and I want to learn.  So, here I am. 

This flavour of self-confidence regarding the computer, is very unusual for me.  But, last night, I lucked into a solution to a problem that made me feel much smarter than usual.  I rescued a series of Excel files from the deep, dark, super-secret-spy place that my computer tried to hide them from me!  In so doing, I saved myself several hours of trying to duplicate my work in a program I only sort of understand in the first place. And what’s really amazing about this, is that while Kyle was researching online to find a method to combat this problem I was facing, I simply started trying things.  Me!  All by myself!  And, not only did I NOT hose my computer or cause a major meltdown, but *I fixed the problem!*  Yay me!  So, today I got brave enough to install (install is such a scary word to me) a font on my computer.  I followed written instructions given by Kyle, but the point is–I did it myself!  So now–my first post to KRMB! Wa Hoo! 

 Next, I’ll have to figure out how to post a photo!


The Daily KRuMB begins Tuesday, Oct 17 2006 

Like it or not, this is the first post to what will become a daily post. We’re hoping to accomplish a number of things with our endeavours here.