Cabbage Wednesday, Jan 31 2007 


31 January 2007

We have officially made it through one quarter of the year, making the Daily KRuMB a reality.  I am enjoying the heck out of it!

I learned two really wonderful things tonight:

 1.  Flickr–the site where we have all our photos hosted, has this amazingly fun map feature, that lets you place on a map the location where your photos were taken!  It is the coolest thing!  It didn’t really know what to do with me, however, when I wanted to place a photo in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico!

2.  My husband is even more of a genius than I realized he was.  I was playing the role of facilitator, and cheerleader tonight, and encouraging Kyle to use the laptop to upload photos he had taken, from my camera’s card to Flickr.  As he should have been finishing the process, he began to act concerned and let fly a couple of “colourful metaphors.”  The long version of the story isn’t real pretty, but I’m proud to say I never even cried.  The short version of the story is that he was able to find the right tool—knowing that it existed in the first place was impressive enough—and save photos I thought were deleted and gone forever!  I have rarely been so impressed!  Yay, Kyle!  I love being married to a computer guru!

So, after a baby burger and a couple of Corona Lights, I was into this Flickr map thing and forgot to take a photo.  As we were getting ready to leave No Frills, I took this silly shot of the trivia screen.  So, cabbage, it is.


Dress Rehearsal Wednesday, Jan 31 2007 

Dress Rehearsal

30 January 2007

After a day of not getting much accomplished yesterday, today was kind of the opposite.  Or at least it feels that way in comparison to how little I’ve gotten done throughout the whole rest of this month.  I can hardly believe January is almost over.

I dealt with email, cleaned my desk a bit, prepared packages for mailing, did some sewing and some organization in the workshop, dealt with the a/c/heat repair-guy, ate breakfast and lunch, and even fit in some training time with the dogs.  I talked to my mother–a couple of times, actually, and to Rick, and to Kelly–all rather lengthy phone calls.  And to top it all off, I was on time for dance class!

I had to be on time, really.  It was dress rehearsal night.  We have a performance on Friday night–a little dance festival called Diffusion.  That’s about all I know, other than that it’s happening in Fort Worth!  Great for me, but hard for the other girls in the company.  Anyway, tonight was our dress rehearsal for the two numbers we’re doing on Friday.  I’m only dancing in one of them, because my schedule has just not allowed me to be at enough classes during the fall and winter, to learn the newest routine.  This photo is of the girls in an early moment of that new number.  It looks good, and I look forward to learning it. 

I have to make a big decision about that, too.  The next performance is on the second Saturday of Scarborough.  I had already decided NOT to do the show when we thought it was on opening Saturday.  Now, it’s a week later, and I have to decide if the stress and unhappiness of last year’s experience came from the fact that it was opening weekend, or if it came from the fact that it’s just darn hard to leave in the middle of a faire day.  Kyle is willing to support whatever decision I make.  And I have to make that decision before next Tuesday night!<sigh>


Hot off the Press Monday, Jan 29 2007 

Hot off the Press

29 January 2007

Artemis is nothing, if not predictable.  If there is a box, bag, basket or suitcase, otherwise unoccupied–she’s going to get in it.  It’s not a matter of “if,” it’s just a matter of “when.” 


Goodbye Florida Sunday, Jan 28 2007 

Goodbye Florida

28 January 2007

The Florida gulf coast.  I’d never before realised this trip used a path over the Gulf of Mexico waters.  I’m pretty sure it’s always been over land, before.  But, it was super cool to be able to compare the view out the window, to a map, and find the spot on the map I was seeing out the window!

After much uncertainty this morning, we were assigned seats on the flight we’d listed on and we were on our way home.  I was even lucky enough to make it into first class!  Kyle got stuck in coach, and even though I practically insisted, he wouldn’t trade–he wanted me to have the better seat.  What a guy!

I read during most of the flight, except for the one little 60 Minutes clip I watched about a cool elephant orphanage near Nairobi—they take orphaned elephants (usually due to poaching) and raise the elephants—a really big deal, since elephants can only last a matter of a couple of days without Mother’s milk—until they are ready to go back to the wild–sometimes for as long as thirteen or fourteen years.  Then, they go to “junior high” which involves a little more freedom in a location more like home.  And when the elephant is ready, it simply doesn’t come back to camp one day.  Elephants are so smart!  The woman who began this program has recently been named a “Dame” by QE2!

Against all odds, we actually made it to Starr and Joe’s baby shower!  The party would have been lovely without us, but it certainly made me feel better about my commitment to my friends, to be there.  There were fewer folks than I’d hoped for, but most everyone seemed to have fun.  The games went over pretty well—and Mary’s cake was awesome.  Starr and Joe seemed happy and that’s really all that matters.

We stopped in Grapevine straight from the airport, so after the shower, we were really ready to go home.  We went right back out after changing clothes and unloading the car, (a huge thank you to Ronnie and Tracy for babysitting for us) to get the dogs.  So, Artemis isn’t thrilled to be once again sharing her domain with them, but oh well.  She does seem glad that we’re home, however!

It’s been a hard couple of weeks.  Now, to move past it all, and get ready for Scarborough.



Three Goofy Men Sunday, Jan 28 2007 

Three Goofy Men

27 January 2007

My life is full of goofy people.  This is a photo I took tonight of Kyle and my two brothers:  William Todd (my little brother) and Warren (my adopted brother).  The four of us went out this evening in an effort to unwind a little.  William wanted to check out the old cars at the Saturday Night Cruising Party at Old Town Village.  Unfortunately, it was raining a little, so the vintage auto crowd was not we had hoped for, and we didn’t stay too long.  But, while we were walking this fun permanent midway-type area, I asked the boys to “stand together for me, please.”  This is what resulted, and I decided that if they were going to be goofy smart-asses, I’d just go ahead and take a picture of their butts!

The evening out later took us to a place I’d been hoping to visit with Kyle called “The Pub.”  It bills itself as an English/Irish, Welsh/Scottish pub, and the words “EPL SOCCER” are huge on the front of the building.  I’d seen the place for years on my visits, but never had been there.  Tonight was the perfect opportunity.  And it will prove to be the first of many visits, I’m sure.  We were quite impressed. 

The whole outing was a great end to a long, hard, yet wonderful day.  Our service of Celebration for Gammy’s life was at 2 p.m.  Then, the cemetary, followed by the church reception . . . and we were home, wondering what to do next by 6 p.m.-ish.   Many of our clan went their separate ways, knowing they’d see each other again tomorrow.  The little group of us at the house, visited for a little while, and then the guys decided this outing would be fun.  The rest stayed home, but the four of us had a grand time.  And ironically, yet appropriate for us, we raised a toast to Gammy.


White Stuff and a Chiminea Saturday, Jan 27 2007 

January 17
Snow and a Chiminea
I awoke on this morning to an unusual scene in my part of Texas; all this white stuff dusted across the landscape. What do you do with it? There’re no hills, so no downhill skiing. There’s not enough to snowshoe or cross-country. All this stuff does is make the drive to and from work long and miserable. But, it is what it is. Right now, I’m in Florida far away from the white stuff.

~KR – January 17, 2007

Camera: Canon PowerShot S1 IS
Exposure: 0.033 sec (1/30)
Aperture: f/3.2
Focal Length: 13.7 mm
Exposure Bias: 0/3 EV
Flash: Flash did not fire

Back Door of the Bar Saturday, Jan 27 2007 

January 16
Back Entrance to the Bar
Between business trips, long days at the office (or at off-site meetings) and, most recently, an out-of-state funeral, I’m way behind on my photo-taking and uploading. I’ve just uploaded everything, so hopefully I can play catchup. I’ve had to steal some time on a laptop to do so, but I’ll try. This photo is the back entrance to Wilhoites in Grapevine, TX. My colleagues and I had a vendor-dinner in Grapevine this evening, so we went a little early and visited this bar prior to engaging the vendor over at the Silver Fox. Wilhoites is an aging, but enjoyable hang-out that in it’s hey-day was a well-thought of family dining establishment.

~KR – January 16
Camera: Canon PowerShot S1 IS
Exposure: 0.033 sec (1/30)
Aperture: f/4.5
Focal Length: 23.7 mm
Exposure Bias: 0/3 EV
Flash: Flash did not fire

Flowers for Gammy Saturday, Jan 27 2007 

Flowers for Gammy

26 January 2007

It’s been a long day, and I’m just about ready to crawl in bed next to my sleeping husband, for the first time in almost two weeks!  He arrived in Florida tonight, tired, but glad to finally be in the same state as me!  He got on his flight, despite its oversold status, and rented a car and drove on in, arriving here about an hour and a half after we did.

I’ve never been to two funeral homes in one day–but that’s what we did today.  William and I accompanied Mother to the funeral of the father of their dear doctor-friend, Mahesh.  John led the service and preached the message and she wanted to be there for both him, and for their friend.  And there was no way she was going to a funeral–today–alone.  So, off we went for a 3 p.m. service. Then, straight from there to the viewing hours for Gammy.  The evening was pleasant–very smooth, very comfortable, and when that ended around 8 p.m., the family clan of about 13 people went for a simple dinner at a local Perkins, before returning home. 

I had a delightful time with McKenna this evening–she is really such a joy.  And I daresay, I’m not half-bad as an aunt, either!

I’ve just finished my work on the games and stuff for the little shower we’re throwing for Starr on Sunday.  So, in the morning, I can email the pages to Paige, and she’ll make the copies and be able to make the games happen, even if I cannot get there in time on Sunday. 

It’s after 2 a.m. again–I simply don’t seem to be able to go to sleep in Florida at a reasonable hour!

Today’s picture is of the beautiful spray of roses and orchids and stargazer lillies that Mama ordered for the top of the casket on behalf of herself and William and me.  They really are amazingly pretty. 

The funeral–or service of celebration–is tomorrow at 2 p.m.  <sigh>


Laptop at 3 a.m. Friday, Jan 26 2007 

Laptop at 3 a.m.

25 January 2007

Day two in Florida–again!  Today was spent at home, doing various preparations for the events of the next two days.  With John as  pastor, and Mama as musical director for the services they conduct at their church, planning a funeral is pretty much status quo.  The service is going to be incredibly beautiful.  I am proud to be a part of it all. 

I spent most of my time today, typing one thing or another, into the computer for printing and inclusion in the service, somehow–words to hymns, biographical information, poetry, etc.  And, then finally I did some work in preparation for Starr’s baby shower on Sunday.  I’ll likely not get to be there, but Mary and Paige will see that all goes as close to our plan as possible.  I’m going to email a bunch of stuff to them and they can make copies and get stuff ready tomorrow and Saturday.  So, my little fingers are a bit tired of typing, and the rest of me is tired, too!  I’ll start in again in the morning and finish up the shower stuff as quickly as I can. 

Kyle is all packed and will join us here tomorrow night.  I can hardly wait to see him–we’ve been apart almost two weeks.  That’s no fun–it’s bad enough we have to do that every summer!

No time for photos today, so I snapped a shot of my little “workstation” in my bedroom, here.  Notes, phone, to do list, address book, laptop and the scrapbook album I built for Gammy. 

Bedtime, now. 


Back in Florida Wednesday, Jan 24 2007 


24 January 2007

I’m told that this is “springtime” in Florida.  And, I guess I believe it.  The trees are budding, and the flowering trees are in full bloom.  I’m not sure what variety of tree this pink beauty is, but it was sure eye-catching on a dreary, rainy day.  I think it’s pretty with the bouganvillia and tall pine tree in the background.   And not too bad for a snapshot out the car window at a red light!

Arrangements for Gammy have been made.  There will be “viewing hours” —where did humans come up with this idea, anyway?— on Friday night, and the funeral itself will be Saturday at 2 p.m.  It seems central Florida is a good location for those in the undertaking business, and the chapel was busy on Saturday morning.  More on that for any who wish to know more, can be found –soon — on my little carepage at –page name:  WeLoveMyrtle.

It’s very surreal to be back in Florida after being gone only a day and a half.  But, it’s good to be with family, now.  And soon, I’ll actually get to see my husband again, too!


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