Dancer in a Spin

23 November 2008

I took a break from the shoppe today!  My first time out of the booth during the faire day in three weeks.  I had intended to walk the areas of the faire I hadn’t seen yet, this year, but instead, I spent a lot of my time at the nearest stage to our booth, watching Wine and Alchemy.  Formerly E-Muzeki (with a different mix of members), the amount of enjoyment I got from this show was a surprise to me!  Some dancing, some singing, lots of fun instrumentation, and perhaps the highlight—an incredibly talented male dancer!  This guy completely commanded my attention when he danced.  I was so impressed. 

It was another average day for us in sales, although up until the last sale of the day, I was a little worried.  The crowd was very light—kept small by the weatherman who had foretold rain that never really came.  We felt a few little drops at one point, but anything wetter must have happened somewhere else.   But, at least the small crowd allowed me to see a show!