Blue Anne Fabrics Tuesday, Oct 20 2009 

Blue Anne Fabrics

17 October 2009

As a retailer of specialty items, it is always amazing to me how impossible it is to have what every customer really wants. No matter how wonderful what you have is, no matter how many choices you provide, someone will always want the exact something that you do not have.

That seems crazy when I put it into words, because of course it isn’t possible to have one of every possible conceivable product—the possibilities are far too infinite. But, it never seems to fail, that at least once a weekend, we’ll have the outfit of someone’s dreams, but in the wrong size. Last week it was a Courtesan outfit and Nicole is actually going to take one apart to remake it into a different size. This week it was an Anne Boleyn. Hopefully, this time we’ll have better luck with the fabric availability.

This is the photo I snapped for reference for Nicole to see what to purchase and what to sew for this new order. God Save Nicole and Pendragon Costumes!


Crazy Details Tuesday, Feb 24 2009 

Crazy Details

23 February 2009

Almost a year ago, I found a historical portrait of Henry VIII that I hadn’t seen before, where you could plainly tell the construction method of his ornately slashed and beaded doublet.  I loved it, and sold the idea to a customer.  Now, I cannot find that portrait to save my life.    So, I’m doing my best attempt at recreating it solely from my memory.  Now that’s crazy.

Anyway,  I snapped a few shots late last night (okay, it was this morning, but my old rule kicks in) before I went to bed, of my trial attempts at spacing and such.  This one doesn’t show the overall look, but I love the details visible in the macro shot.  So, there you have it . . . crazy details.


Panes for Sleeves Thursday, Feb 19 2009 

Panes for Sleeves

18 February 2009

These are the finished panes for Ryan’s sleeves. I’m working to get his outfit done this week. No time for more writing today.


Ryan’s Velvet Thursday, Feb 19 2009 

Ryan's Velvet

17 February 2009

We’re into that portion of the year when my posts to The Daily KRuMB will be short. That’s merciful to our readers, since nearly every photo is going to be of some flavour of fabric, or trim, or combination of the two.
If you think that gets a little boring . . . welcome to my world. Sorry.

This is a photo of the beautiful chocolate brown cotton velvet that I am using for Ryan’s Tudor doublet. Together with the gold brocade fabric trim, it is quite striking. Yummy, even.


Ready to Make Sleeves Thursday, Feb 19 2009 

Ready to Make Sleeves

16 February 2009

Typically, I save the sleeves for the end of a project.  After all, you can wear a doublet with no sleeves.  Not so much the other way around.  But, in this case, my customer is concerned that there won’t be enough colour in his outfit.  So, I decided to do the colourful sleeves earlier in the process. 

Here you go, Ryan . . . a sneak peak at your sleeves!


New Fabric for Kyle Friday, Dec 12 2008 

New Fabric for Kyle

11 December 2008

He doesn’t even know it, yet, but this is the fabric I’ve chosen for the lapels and such of Kyle’s new dressing gown.  I didn’t get the project completed before Dickens on the Strand, but my goal is to get it done in the next few weeks.  Unfortunately, I also have official orders I need get to work on soon.  And there’s that whole trip to the UK thing happening in the middle of all my work!  (I’m not complaining, mind you!)  But, there are never enough hours in a day.


My New Dressing Gown Sunday, Dec 7 2008 

My New Dressing Gown

3 December 2008

Well, I did it.  I took the bones of a project I began for myself at least seven years ago, fleshed it out, solved the problems that had aborted the work on it back then, and finished it enough to wear it!  Yay, me!

So, I have a new dressing gown.  I was hoping to also build a nice dressing gown for Kyle, but by the time I chose the fabric, and washed it and dried it (my dryer is acting funny), and started from scratch on it, so much of my day was behind me, that I’m afraid there won’t be time now to finish it. I am sad and disappointed—I really wanted him to have it.  But, I guess it, like so many other projects, will wait.  Tomorrow, I believe, I’ll have my hands full with errands and packing and such, and I expect I’ll not get much more sewing done before the weekend.


Beading for Larry Friday, Nov 21 2008 

Beading for Larry

20 November 2008

This was the first night all week, that we didn’t go out for dinner.  Instead, Kyle ate leftover lunch, and I finished off the last of the chicken and dumplings that Donna had sent me home from faire with from Saturday night.  Bless you, Donna!  Yum!

Usually, by the time Kyle gets home, I’m sick and tired of working and of looking at the four walls of our house, and I want to go out.  But, tonight, I was fine with staying in.  I still had some work to finish, and I really didn’t want beer! (I just realized it’s been a margarita-free week–how unusual!)  So, we ate our leftovers and watched a little recorded TV and then I finally finished beading the panes for Larry’s slops.  After two episodes of Chuck and one Big Bang Theory, Kyle was done, and I went back to the workshop for a while.  (It was good I did, ’cause the brownies have returned the missing stomachers, and so I worked on those.)

Sleepiness overtook me at about 2:15, and then . . . I shivered and dozed for an hour and half before finally getting up to get an extra blanket.  It got down into the thirties, and we haven’t succumbed yet, to the need for the heater.  The fall season is so precious and so short in our part of Texas, that we try to milk it for as long as we can.  The heating costs will drive up our electric bill soon enough!


Bodice-making Bits Wednesday, Nov 12 2008 

Bodice-making Bits

12 November 2008

After a very long bodice-making day, I let it go home with Brittney without taking a photo.  Arrrgh!

So, here on my table, are the remnants of the day—her brown cotton brocade, her golden wool, some ribbon, pins on a magnetic pin cushion, and the remote control for my TV.  Tomorrow I hope to fit in some dog-walking and house-cleaning between the sewing projects.