Alex’s New Duds Tuesday, May 19 2009 

Proud Papa

17 May 2009

An absolutely beautiful, perfect-weather day at faire! And the crowds reflected that. Unfortunately, my sales did not—although East Wind Games seemed to rock and roll all day. I’m not sure what the deal was at our shoppe, but the majority of the people who walked into Pendragon today were not our typical ideal customers.

The brightest spot in the day for me, came when Starr and Joe and their boys showed up to faire. Kelly had sent a box for Starr to my house, and its contents were still a mystery. I could hardly wait for Starr to open the package and see what it contained. And what it contained was well worth the excitement.

Kelly had made for Alex, the cutest little scaled-down replica of Joe’s outfit, you’d ever want to see! We were all so totally charmed, and squealed with delight. Starr immediately put the little doublet on Alex and I snapped some photos—this is one of those. Does Joe look happy, or what?!

Now, I’m gonna both brag . . .and rag . . . on Kelly for a minute. This is the girl who has always said she didn’t sew for kids. Nope . . . didn’t want to . . . it’s a pain in the neck (or other body part) . . . it’s not worth the time . . . they’re gonna outgrow it, anyway . . . She gave me all sorts of crap for spending so much time on the outfit I made for my niece, McKenna last summer.

Uh-huh! Just before Scarborough, Starr let it slip that she wished she had a nicer shirt for Alex to wear.  Who took the bait?  My Kelly.  She made an amazing little shirt, complete with ruffles and hand-made strings to tie.  And, now, this! This adorable little outfit— a miniature version of the ensemble I made Joe last spring—is the cat’s meow!  She did a great job.  And all from measurements taken by big brother Troy, in pseudo-secret! Kudos to my Kelly—she made our day!  And, I know she made the Cooksey/Capps family very, very happy!

The after-hours event that we’ve come to call “The Alex Show” was more photogenic than usual, too!


Clearing the Way Thursday, Sep 18 2008 

14 September 2008
Sunday. A day of rest. Yeah, not really. This is Marita Beth’s first Sunday home since June and we made a much-needed trip out to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. We’re hoping that this off-season will be the time when we are able to expand the back of my shop into viable storage & living quarters. But, to do that we needed to take measurements of the existing structure and of the available land. But, to do that, we had to clear away the "jungle" that grows in our absence. Here’s my wife taking her determination & shears to the massive weed population:

~KR (Written on 17 September 2008 )

Listening to:
9 Minutes of Woo by Needfire
from Live in Batesville

Camera: Canon PowerShot SD850 IS
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Focal Length: 23.2 mm
ISO Speed: 320
Exposure Bias: 0/3 EV
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Knight’s Move Friday, Apr 18 2008 

12 April 2008
The sight of an armoured individual playing a delicate looking wood game is lovely dichotomy. I love this photo for that reason.
Lord Blueberry Plays Hneftafl
The game is Hneftafl (which for simplicity sake, we call “King’s Table“); it is part of a larger family of games called the Tafl games. The concept of the game is simple; the strategies involved in winning are not.

~KR (Written on 16 April 2008)

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High by Hyper Go Go
from Wigan Pier Klub Klassics 3

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ISO Speed: 80
Exposure Bias: 0/3 EV
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Wooden Dice Friday, Apr 18 2008 

11 April 2008
Goodness, a lot of product came in this week. Marcus and I were up quite late getting everything labeled, inventoried & displayed. Although these 30mm wooden dice did not come in this week, I liked the play of light from, on & through the glass bowl that contains them. So, that’s the image we get today. 30mm wooden dice in a glass bowl at the East Wind Games shop at Scarborough Renaissance Festival.
Dice Bowl

~KR (Written on 15 APril 2008)

Listening to:
Whenever God Shines His Light by Van Morrison
from Live in Montreux

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Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 5.8 mm
ISO Speed: 200
Exposure Bias: 0/3 EV
Flash: Flash did not fire

The Archbishop of Canterbury Sunday, Mar 23 2008 

The Archbishop of Canterbury

23 March 2008

Easter Sunday

After an eleven-hour, much-needed sleep, I awoke, and stumbled toward the coffee pot.  What I found in the kitchen, in addition to the already brewed coffee, was my husband scrambling eggs!  What a marvelous surprise that was!  I have since teased him about being the Pod Kyle, and told him I was okay with it!  I had breakfast, found something appropriately Easter-y to wear today, and headed out the door.  Realizing as I stepped onto the porch, that we hadn’t unhitched the trailer, Kyle offered me his car, and off I went. 

I arrived at the faire site, just in time to visit with a few folks on my way down to the Crown Stage.  The Costume Parade event started almost on time, and it was a fun time, as always.  Glenn Boswell puts together an entertaining little show (and I’d wager that his lovely wife Brittney has more to do with it, than just “stage managing”).  The items I am responsible for all looked good on stage, and my customers seem  pleased.  Some of them can be seen on my flickr stream.

The photo I chose to include seemed the most appropriate for Easter!  Steve Zalman plays Scarborough‘s Archbishop of Canterbury, and had requested a white chausuble (some spell it chasuble) with blue accents.  As a part of the design process, we decided to make it reversible, so the opposite side of this is actually blue, with a white/gold brocade stripe.  The backs are ornamented with large crosses.  It’s the sixteenth century style, according to my research.  I’m pleased with the end result. 

I collected all the various parts and pieces of garments which require my further attention, and a few alteration/maintenance issues for the queen, and headed back toward home.  I got caught up on the KRuMB, had dinner with my husband, and spent a couple of hours in the workshop getting a head start on my next busy week.  At least I’m feeling well-rested and plan to start the week by getting another eight hours tonight!


Attentive Wenches Sunday, Mar 23 2008 

Attentive Wenches

22 March 2008

The twenty-second:  Saturday.  The big day of booth maintenance and cleaning at East Wind Games.  I had worked all night . . . the continued sleep deprivation experiment.  I was finishing up button holes as Kyle was hitting the snooze.  He was wonderfully supportive, though, and the morning went smoothly as we prepared to leave.  We pulled up between our two booths just as the clock in the truck changed from 9:59 to 10:00. 

Kyle’s wonderful pirate compatriots, the crew of The Blazing Sun, showed up with brooms and shovels and plants and snacks and most importantly, enthusiasm.  All the work that really needed to be done at East Wind Games, was done before five o’clock.  Marcus, our new booth manager, was tireless and driven, and the whole crew, under the leadership of Curtis the Red, was amazingly energetic and more helpful than we could have even hoped.  And not only did they get East Wind Games ready for us to move product into, but they helped unload my trailer into the Pendragon Costumes Shop, as well.  I am so grateful to them.  Providing them a spot to leave their personal stuff on a faire day hardly seems like repayment enough, although that is all they will accept from us as payment. 

The Wench Workshop was a success, too!  We had about eighteen (I can’t believe I never actually got a head count) wonderful women from the International Wenches Guild, Chapter 13, gather for our biennial event.  We set up tables and decorated them with pretty fabric and Easter Baskets.  The spread of yumminess that various wenches contributed for lunch and grazing, was amazing.  We heard from our brother organization, the International Guild of Rogues, Scoundrels and Cads, complete with a rat-pucking demonstration. (If you have never seen a rat-pucking event, you’re missing out!) We had little lessons on parade ettiquette, and self defense, and costuming (the latter given by yours truly).  There was much laughter and good comraderie.  Many ladies thanked me afterwards, both for my presentation and for hosting the event.  

After the wenches were packed up and gone, and The Blazing Sun crew went home, and all my costume bits were delivered to their various new owners,  we called it a day.  Alex and Emily, who had come down to help as well, and worked their butts off for us, joined Kyle and me for dinner.  We chose a place on their way home, Bienvenidos, in Red Oak, and had a delightful tex mex meal with them.  We got home and I tried to do some catch-up on the KRuMB, ’cause I’d neglected it pretty badly this week, what with my world consisting of much work and little sleep (seven hours total since Wednesday morning, at that point!).  But, about the time I sat down, I got tired.  The two entries I wrote before giving up and giving in, both needed editing when I looked at them Sunday morning!  I crashed pretty hard, and slept for a good eleven hours! 

Hopefully, my sleep deprivation experiment can be over, now.  This week will be crazy, but I’m hoping it doesn’t have to involve all-nighters.