Beads on a Lampshade Wednesday, Sep 30 2009 

Beads on a Lampshade

27 September 2009

Considering this photo was totally an afterthought on the way to bed, I’m really pleased with it! My big confession now, is that I cannot even remember enough about this day to write about it, since I’m still three days behind. I know it was Sunday, and there were bloody marys! I’m pretty sure there was also beer. Hmm . . .
wonder if that’s why I can’t remember?


Another Skirted Doublet Saturday, Mar 21 2009 

Another Skirted Doublet

18 March 2009

Another work day.  Another skirted doublet.  This one is for a friend named Joe.  We have lots of friends named Joe, it turns out.  But this Joe is getting a Tudor outfit this year, as is his wife Cindy.  And it should be noted that Joe does his own beading!  I gave him the gold diamond brocade last fall, and his photo shows how it looks as the trim on the bottom of the skirt of his doublet.


Close-up of Gold and Sparkly Sunday, Mar 15 2009 

Close-up of Gold and Sparkly

12 March 2009
Happy Birthday, John!

A few days ago, I took a photo of this doublet stomacher as I was applying trim and gold fleurs. Now, it’s all beaded and assembled, and this is a close-up of how the beading turned out—I like it! I hope Lionel will, too!

I had a sick husband today, home with me instead of at work —although he ended up working all day anyway. At least he didn’t have to get fully dressed and drive and deal with the office environment when he felt like crap. But, because he was home, it worked out really well for me to have lots of hand-sewing to do—I could be nearby if he needed me.


Finished for Ryan Thursday, Feb 26 2009 

Finished for Ryan

25 February 2009

After working ’til five o’clock in the morning, all that remains for my tired self to do today for Ryan, is to finish his breeches and codpiece. I will meet with him tonight for a quick fitting to verify all is well, and then I’ll set the grommets and hand sew the lining in at the waist of the outer doublet. I am very pleased with the way it all looks . . . hopefully, it will fit perfectly, and he’ll like it, too.  He is portraying George Boleyn at Scarborough Renaissance Festival this season.  It’s been a number of years since we had a “George” and I think Ryan will do a great job.  It’ll be fun for the queen to have “her brother” to play off of to entertain us!

My photo (although I realize this morning, it’s a tiny bit blurry—-what can I say, I was tired) shows fairly well, the stomacher portion of the ensemble . . . specifically that fun fabric manipulation I was working on the other day . . . I never did find my reference illustration, but, my memory seems to have served me well enough.  Amazing, that!

So, today, the morning after, my big challenge is just to stay awake long enough to get the coffee to kick in!


Beading for Larry Friday, Nov 21 2008 

Beading for Larry

20 November 2008

This was the first night all week, that we didn’t go out for dinner.  Instead, Kyle ate leftover lunch, and I finished off the last of the chicken and dumplings that Donna had sent me home from faire with from Saturday night.  Bless you, Donna!  Yum!

Usually, by the time Kyle gets home, I’m sick and tired of working and of looking at the four walls of our house, and I want to go out.  But, tonight, I was fine with staying in.  I still had some work to finish, and I really didn’t want beer! (I just realized it’s been a margarita-free week–how unusual!)  So, we ate our leftovers and watched a little recorded TV and then I finally finished beading the panes for Larry’s slops.  After two episodes of Chuck and one Big Bang Theory, Kyle was done, and I went back to the workshop for a while.  (It was good I did, ’cause the brownies have returned the missing stomachers, and so I worked on those.)

Sleepiness overtook me at about 2:15, and then . . . I shivered and dozed for an hour and half before finally getting up to get an extra blanket.  It got down into the thirties, and we haven’t succumbed yet, to the need for the heater.  The fall season is so precious and so short in our part of Texas, that we try to milk it for as long as we can.  The heating costs will drive up our electric bill soon enough!


Close-up of McKenna’s New Outfit Thursday, Aug 21 2008 

Close-up of McKenna's New Outfit

20 August 2008

I always wanted to be the coolest aunt in the world.  Unfortunately, I live too far away to be a regular part of McKenna’s life.  And, I guess I’d say that I’m a bit more of a disciplinarian than her Daddy is.  So, I guess I’ll just have to settle for being the wacky aunt who has the crazy cat and who sews cool stuff.

McKenna and I had a fabulous time together last September, when she accompanied me to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  I put her in a makeshift costume, and she liked that so well, that I bought her one from a shop onsite that same day.  She enjoyed that one so much, that she wore it again for Halloween, and still loves it.  So, I came up with the bright idea that I could make her an even better outfit for next year.  And, now, it’s next year!  In only two and a half weeks, she and I will once again visit the renfaire together.  And today, I finished the main bits of her new outfit.  I still want to make her a little pink chemise, and some sort of hat or French hood.  But, the bodice and skirts are done, and the hoop is on order!  She’s going to look like a real princess!  I only hope I can dress to complement her!  Perhaps I should simply plan to look like her nurse! 🙂

My photo today is of her fabrics and trims; garments  piled on top of one another.  I want to add beads to the underskirt, like I did to the bodice, and when that’s all done, I’ll take another photo.

Dinner tonight was at Larry and Denise’s.  Kelly has just completed one of the new gowns Denise will wear this year at Dickens.  And, Larry and I finally organized our thoughts and finalized the design and fabric choices for an outfit we’ve been talking about me making for him for way too long.  I’m hoping to get it done for him for debut at TRF.  Anyway, the need to see them, and the love of their company, meant Kelly drove us up there and Larry cooked us dinner.  Yum.  As always, his cooking was much appreciated!   We even brought home leftovers!  And we got the extra bonus of enjoying a visit with his mom and dad, too. 

Hump day gone . . . the remaining weeks fly by.