Birthday Boy and his Flowers Thursday, Nov 5 2009 

Birthday Boy and his Flowers

31 October 2009
Happy Birthday, Kyle, My Love

Usually, when one talks about having a birthday and flowers in the same sentence, there are plants involved: daisies or lilies, or even roses. But, with Kyle*, it’s just one Rose . . . and one Iris. And, they aren’t plants.

While Kyle celebrated his natal day, I had a very busy faire day.  The special part of my weekend is that Nicole is here from California!  And not only Nicole, but Shawn and Jerry (our leather-guy/tooling artist) as well!  Nicole, of Pendragon Costumes fame, has more recently created a sister company to Pendragon, known as MadGirl Clothing.  Inside of a year or so, it has become THE source for the serious steampunkers to get the best garb for their flavour of fantasy.  She can be found at most major sci/fi/fantasy/steampunk conventions, and this weekend only, at the Texas Renaissance Festival

So, it was the getting ready for her visit and making the guest artisan booth workable for a clothier that took control of my day yesterday.  And, it was all worth it!  Her booth looked great, and was full of fabulous product!  I just know that when Kyle has a chance to go look, it’s gonna cost me!

He didn’t get there today, though.   I didn’t see as much of my husband on his birthday as I would have preferred.  He spent his day doing what he loves most . . . looking good, drinking beer, and playing with friends.  Happy Birthday, my love!


*I’m not sure why it looks as though he’s flipping me off as I take this photo!  Hmmmm . . .?

My Very Own Pub Guy Thursday, Sep 24 2009 

My Very Own Pub Guy

22 September 2009

Happy Mabon!  Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox!

The Pub Guys rock! And, I’m married to one of them!

I got to attend my first Pub Guys recording session tonight! I worked at home all day, and couldn’t wait for this evening to arrive. I have been proud of everything these guys have done and was really looking forward to seeing them in action. I had intended to take photos for them, too. But, somehow, once I was there, and I said my greetings to Trista and to Curtis (the PG in attendance), I got caught up in the fun of it, and never even thought about my camera! In fact, I even got invited to use a mic at one point, and added to the discussion. It seems my still-evolving NFL boycott had been a topic of conversation before my arrival, and they wanted to hear it from my point of view. I should probably write all about it, so I can see my words and be forced to re-read them until I understand my own feelings better . . . but, hearing myself on the next PubCast might just serve the same purpose!

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there with the Pub Guys, even if I did smell like smoke when we left. I also managed to get dinner at Abuelo’s out of it afterward! Curtis joined Kyle and I for some Mexican yumminess and a margarita. It was on the way out of the restaurant that I first realized my photographic laziness, and I snapped this photo of Kyle in the parking lot. Not as crisp as I would have wished, but wow, is it a great capture of my guy! My Pub Guy! I’m proud of you, honey.


Kyle in the Beer Aisle Wednesday, Mar 11 2009 

Kyle in the Beer Aisle

8 March 2009

Sundays are for sewing in these last weeks before faire, but today, my husband surprised me with the suggestion that we go see a movie! So, in the middle of my work day, I was spirited away to enjoy Hollywood’s brilliant rendition of one of the best comic books of all time. Watchmen. No spoilers, here. I will simply say that I cannot imagine any comics fans not absolutely loving this film. I am afraid, however, that for those who aren’t prepared, or who head to the theatre expecting another good-triumphs-over-evil-super-heroes-save-the-day-movie, there will be some shock and disappointment. Oh well. This is a fabulous film.

After the movie, we did the grocery store thing —a job neither of us enjoy. But, I amused myself by taking a few photos, as did Kyle, I believe. I didn’t even realize when I took this, that it was the beer aisle he was walking. I am now amused.

Back to work, then . . . there is much hand-sewing in my near future.


Kyle Playing Peek-a-boo Wednesday, Dec 3 2008 

Kyle Playing Peek-a-boo

29 November 2008

After two hard days at faire, with one still to go, Saturday night saw its share of silliness.  One of the more amusing moments for me, was this capture of my husband peeking out from behind an array of feathers.  I was trying to learn more about my camera—Clay (in the right half of this photo) was kindly educating me—and Kyle was being cute.  Imagine that. 🙂

Other photos I took during the learning process:  Ian, visiting us from Colorado this weekend; Clay, my teacher; and Mary, just being adorable Mary.

It’s a chilly weekend, although we didn’t really get the rain that was forecasted for us.  It makes for good cloak sales, and a willingness to try on layers of clothing that doesn’t exist when the temperature is in the eighties and nineties.

One more day.  Then the pack-out and the countdown to Scotland!  And in between—Dickens on the Strand!


My Kyle and a Rita Wednesday, Nov 12 2008 

My Kyle and a Rita

11 November 2008

Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day

I worked all day (except for one brief errand) and could hardly wait for Kyle to get home from work.  Tonight was camera-buying night.

We have been researching this purchase for quite some time.  Kyle—because he’s always looking for better technological gadgets, and me—because I am picky!  I knew I wanted something fairly small, but more importantly, something able to take decent close-up and zoom shots.  Low-light shooting is nice, but not at the expense of small size, or ease of use.  And, one of my biggest particulars—AA batteries!  Not these little proprietary rectangular things.  I want to be able to walk into any drug store, grocery store, gift shop, the world over, and buy batteries for my camera! 

The answer, it seemed was the Canon Power Shot SX110 IS. It’s relatively new, so there isn’t too much about it floating around out there, yet.  But, what was written about it, made me feel pretty confident about it. 

So, that’s what we bought.  I’ve taken only a dozen or so shots with it, so far, but it seems like it’s going to be just fine.  As soon as I figure it all out, that is!

Dinner tonight at Abuelo’s—celebrating the new acquisition.  I’m expecting that Kyle’s photo from today will be a shot of my new camera.  I’ll keep reporting on it, as I learn all it has to offer.  Sadly, I’m too tired tonight to read the manual!