Rio Mamba Dinner

27 March 2009

Happy Birthday, Mama!

After a long work week and a solid day of sewing, six o’clock finally came! Ronnie had carefully organized a gathering of our friends from back in our comic book retailng days! Thanks largely to Facebook, we had all found each other online, and learned that so many of us were once again (or still) living nearby. We met at Rio Mambo’s—a delicious, if not somewhat over-priced Tex Mex place on the west side of Fort Worth. We had been there once before and the most noteable thing about the meals there is that they really do have margaritas “the size of my head!” Kyle and I shared one tonight!  We also shared this delicious plate which involved cheese enchiladas, two eggs, fajita beef strips and fresh avocado!  Again, I have to end a paragraph by saying “yum!”

It was really wonderful to see so many beloved familiar faces. These are folks, many of whom were part of our daily or at least weekly lives. Customers, employees, artists, collectors . . . friends. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get together with all of them, and I look forward to such a gathering not being so rare!

After dinner, Kyle and I took advantage of being already on the west side of town, and popped on over to the Royal Falcon to grab a pint and hear another old friend perform. Again, thanks to Facebook, I’d gotten the word that Rodger Harrison was going to be “playing with by himself” tonight at the Falcon. (His promo poster was worded exactly that way and it amused me!)  So, despite the horribly smoky-smelling air, we ordered a round of Twisted Thistle (a great little brew from one of our favourites–Belhaven) and it wasn’t long before we were hugging and chatting with old friends.  Rodger even noticed us from the stage, and thanked us for coming in the middle of his set!  Talk about knowing we did the right thing by going there!  We grabbed a table, and during our tenure there, we  got in some quality time with Matthew, Steve, Elaine, Randy, Craig and Deanna!  By t he time we finally had to pull our plug on the night, we’d moved to a bigger table and been joined by Denise and Ken and Kelly and Bert!   It probably goes without saying that the conversation was lively and very amusing.  It was a great evening.  I only wish we didn’t have to go home from such things smelling like an ash tray!  <sigh>

But, clothes and hair wash, and life is short.  Too short, and too uncertain to pass up opportunities like tonight afforded us.  We went from one wonderful gathering of old friends to another, and I consider myself truly blessed to have such amazing people,  and such happy memories in my life.  Here’s to making more happy memories with nights such as this one.  Slainte!