Trumpet Vine

22 January 2008

Day Three in Florida.  Trumpet Vine. I love these gorgeous orange blossoms! It obviously was meant to grow in the central Florida climate because when you see it here, it is always amazingly beautiful like this.  We’ve had trumpet vine around our house for the better part of thirteen years, and it has never, ever bloomed.

In this household, meals are hardly ever eaten at home.  The trumpet vine was on the way to lunch.  A neat little barbecue place where I had a yummy crab cake and some corn fritters.  I was happy to not have to order barbecue.  For dinner, we went to a Beef O’Brady’s location just down the street, where I knew they had Buzztime Trivia.  So, I sat in Davenport, Florida, and Kyle sat in Arlington, Texas and we played the same game!  Although we couldn’t see each other’s scores, we talked by phone a couple of times during the game.  And of all things, there was a question about Hogmanay!  Needless to say we both got our full allotment of points on that one!  In the end, though, his score was higher than mine—although I led the scoring in my restaurant until the very end!

Between meals and after dinner, Mama and I spent great portions of the day sorting through boxes and drawers of stuff that was Gammy’s.  It’s been a year—exactly one year tomorrow—and although clothes and shoes and the like were dealt with months ago, many things remain.  It has been a rather amazing opportunity to fondle things that belonged to a great grandmother I never knew, as well as the dear grandmother I loved and lost last January.  And a wonderful bonding sort of experience for Mama and me.

And I only cried once.