The Daily KRuMB is brought to you by Kyle & Marita Beth, who are best friends and happily married to each other. In the fall of 2006, Kyle ran across an article that he shared with Marita Beth.  It told of a photographer who had decided to challenge himself with the task of taking a photo a day, and writing about it, every day for a year.

We had talked frequently, of wishing we were better photographers, and wishing we could always remember to have a camera with us, wherever we went.  This seemed like a great idea–a photo a day!  And writing about it, would improve our communication skills, our writing skills and provide us with a journal of the year. 

At first, it didn’t seem like such a big deal.  It was just a cool thing to do, that was going to make us better people in the long run.  Then, as we really got to thinking about it, we realized, “this is a huge commitment!”  But, we decided we were up to the challenge, and we made the promise to each other to “go for it.” 

Every day.  For a year. 

Kyle came up with the clever name, and designed a logo.  We agreed on a start date about three weeks in the future.  Marita Beth learned how to use Flickr.  Kyle chose WordPress to host our project, and then Marita Beth had to learn that.  And on 1 November 2006, we began.

It quickly became natural for us to try whenever possible, to make our photo each day, indicative of the day itself.  That is why the KRuMB is such a great record of our lives.  At first, we were pretty quiet about it—we mentioned it to a few folks, but rarely gave out the url.   Soon, though, we realized that we were thrilled every time another of our friends had found it, and was including it in their internet travels.  So, we started talking about it more often.  We started adding the address to our signatures in emails and writing it on the backs of our business cards!  Kyle designed the page to include links to other cool sites and blogs and many of those folks have returned the favour, so our visitors come through to us from many places.  We even have folks who subscribe to The Daily KRuMB!

The year wasn’t even over when we realized this project had stolen our hearts and become a very special part of our lives.   It seemed that despite the hard work, (and oh my gosh, is it hard work!) we were not only going to make it a whole year, but we didn’t want to quit!

So, we celebrated our first anniversary, and kept right on going!  We’ve taken some pretty neat pictures, and we’ve written about a wide variety of topics.  We’ve both become better photographers and better writers, and the ongoing commitment has even made us a bit more responsible.  We especially love the fact that The Daily KRuMB allows us to keep our far away friends and family in the crazy loop of our lives.  It helps make the distances seem less and the world a little smaller!  And it’s something that we do together!

So, welcome to our ongoing project!  A year wasn’t long enough!  Who knows how long it will last?!

~Kyle and Marita Beth

~KR and ~MB

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PS:  If you’re here to see the photos and read about our holiday in the UK, the dates of the trip were 25 December 2008 through 7 January 2009.  You can simply click on any of those dates in the calendar to the left, and technology will whisk you into our adventure!  Thanks for visiting!