For those who might be keeping track of such things, we would like to proudly announce that the month of November marks the third anniversary of The Daily KRuMB.

This crazy little, “hey . . . we could try that for a year!”-project with which Kyle and MaritaBeth fell in love and just couldn’t quit—is now in its fourth year.

Our sincerest thanks to all those of our readers who have followed us from the beginning, and to those who have jumped on the bandwagon somewhere in between. You’ve been with us through family triumphs and tragedies, good times and bad. You’ve travelled with us to Wisconsin and Florida and even to the United Kingdom. You put up with our obsessions with our pets, our jobs, our hobbies and our collections. You’ve made our birthdays happier, our holidays merrier, and our lives richer.

Now, you can continue to follow our adventures in our brand new home. The Daily KRuMB has moved to and the new RSS feed is located at So, please do update your bookmarks and continue our journey with us.

Thank you!
~Kyle and MaritaBeth