Triumver-butts! Sunday, Nov 8 2009 

Triumver-butts I

7 November 2009

Another absolutely beautiful day at the Texas Renaissance Festival. The temperature got a little higher than we’d have preferred, but I don’t think it got higher than about 80 degrees. And, true to form, the patrons were here in droves. I believe the count was over 31,000 people!

Sales, however, also true to form, were fairly average. When the park gets that full, the patrons stay in the lanes and the pubs. The stage acts do well . . . the beer and food booths kick butt. But, the crafters, particularly with higher dollar products . . . not so much. So, no butt-kicking here, just a solid day. However, there was butt-sketching!

Jonathan—the god of butt-sketching—has begun a trio of sketches (one for each of us, of course!) of we three girls that have us all feeling like goddesses!

I wrote last week about how much we enjoyed Jonathan’s work. And how much fun this is to have done. We now own three, and we’ve sent numerous people over there to enjoy the fun.  Kyle has posted a great photo taken during the sketching of Iris and Rose. And, now, I am actually posting my photo of today’s masterpiece. We are calling this series of three: Triumver-butts. The concept was born last weekend when everyone started seeing how fabulous these are, and Ginger coined the phrase “triumver-butts.” We hadn’t made a specific plan for when, so it was a totally wonderful, serendipitous fluke that Kelly and Ginger both showed up at my booth, at the slow end of the day, just before dark. So, off we went to ask Jonathan to work his magic! Ginger won the toss on who got today’s piece. The second of the three should happen tomorrow!

The triumverate is happy.


Janet in the Rafters Friday, Nov 6 2009 

Janet in the Rafters

1 November 2009

Somehow, I never managed to snap even one photo of Nicole or Shawn or Jerry this weekend. Somehow.  But, that doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy our visit and cram in a little bit of fun!  Thanks, Nicole, for helping to make it a great weekend!

I did, however, happen to have my camera on me, when I looked up and saw this! Janet has talked for a long time about climbing in the rafters to get spinners up and down for Hal’s booth, but I’d never seen it in person, much less caught it on “film.” But, here she is . . . looking as adorable as ever . . . just twenty feet in the air!

We had a great day. The final day of celebration of Kyle’s birthday began with coffee and went quickly to bloody marys. In fact, we had a booth full of folks celebrating with us this morning! Nicole and Shawn, Ian, Darcy, Damaris, Roxy, Bevin, Allison, and at least part of my staff all joined us in either bloody marys, bloody marias (tequila, not vodka), screwdrivers, or tequila sunrises (sans grenadine). I have lots of pretty Girl Glass to wash, but it was worth it!

From a sales standpoint the day was pretty sad—but that did leave us time to do things like get our butts sketched! That sounds insane . . . it’s interesting to write about it, because it absolutely requires explanation. Our friend, Jonathan, a talented artist and potter, is at this show, doing “butt sketches.” Now, at first that sounds lude and obscene, doesn’t it? But, apparently this is a phenomenon that is fairly familiar in night clubs . . . imagine a fun souvenir for a date—yours and his/hers in your dancing jeans? But, Jonathan has brought this art form to faire. So, now . . . imagine your finest noble garb from behind! Or, an off-the-shoulders wench in a hiked up skirt? Or that hunky guy in barbarian leather and fur? Now, you’re starting to get the “picture!” I’ll try to remember to take a photo of the artwork next weekend, ’cause I forgot today. But the end result of having one of these butt sketches done, is an amazing charcoal drawing of what is unmistakeably . . . your backside! Head to toe, with all the details of your hat and your hair . . . fabulous! Kyle and I had one done and we liked it so well, we’ve been dragging people out there and offering to pay the almost ridiculously low price of $10/couple for them if they aren’t thrilled with what they get.

Nicole and I did it. Nicole and Shawn did it. Sharon and Jim did it. Iris and Rose did it!
If Janet wasn’t climbing around in the rafters all day, she’d have probably done it, too! 😉  But, there’s always next weekend!



Woman in Blue Wednesday, Dec 3 2008 

29 November 2008
MB in Blue
I write about my wife a lot saying "MB did this," or "my wife and I did that" or similar. But, there aren’t that many photos of her here. Mostly, I think, because she’s critical of her own appearance (aren’t most women?) and likely wouldn’t approve of most photos. However, this is the smiling face I go to sleep with every night and wake up to every morning. The woman of my dreams.

~KR (Written on 3 December 2008 )

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Dancer in a Spin Wednesday, Nov 26 2008 

Dancer in a Spin

23 November 2008

I took a break from the shoppe today!  My first time out of the booth during the faire day in three weeks.  I had intended to walk the areas of the faire I hadn’t seen yet, this year, but instead, I spent a lot of my time at the nearest stage to our booth, watching Wine and Alchemy.  Formerly E-Muzeki (with a different mix of members), the amount of enjoyment I got from this show was a surprise to me!  Some dancing, some singing, lots of fun instrumentation, and perhaps the highlight—an incredibly talented male dancer!  This guy completely commanded my attention when he danced.  I was so impressed. 

It was another average day for us in sales, although up until the last sale of the day, I was a little worried.  The crowd was very light—kept small by the weatherman who had foretold rain that never really came.  We felt a few little drops at one point, but anything wetter must have happened somewhere else.   But, at least the small crowd allowed me to see a show!


TRF Collage Tuesday, Nov 25 2008 

23 November 2008
Clay, a good friend of ours, saw my recent post about wishing for a Nikon D-series camera. So, the man showed up at TRF this weekend sporting a spare Nikon D-70 camera which he loaned me. I am spoiled now, I think. I do love my Canon PowerShot 850IS, but it’s limited. It’s fantastic for travelogues and for slipping in your pocket on the way out the door. But, this fully-featured Nikon D-70 was simply amazing in my hand. I had more fun shooting photos on this day then I have in years…and I have fun taking photos. Clay tells me that the D-70 is outdated and that there is a D-90 (?) on the market that is heads and shoulders better than the D-70. Say it ain’t so!
On a typical faire day, I’ll shoot perhaps 20-30 photos and keep less than half. On this faire day, I shot just under 400 photos and kept 274 of them. Amazing.
This is a mosaic/collage of some of my favourites for the day. It also fits the Mini-Challenge this week of “Mosaic Stories”. Therefore, I present “Faire Story: A Day in the Life of CrazyBobcat at the Texas Renaissance Festival – Part 1.”
Thanks, Clay!

~KR (Written on 25 November 2008 )

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A Rose by Any Other Name Tuesday, Nov 25 2008 

22 November 2008
I started the day fairly early and worked for a number of hours on various website commitments (Sherrie, yours is almost done as is yours Damaris) and some basic scripting. I watched The Day the Earth Stood Still, Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds and The Commitments. By the end of three movies, two websites & some scripting, I was ready for a change. I put on my outfit (scholar) and went out into New Market Village. With beer in hand, I made a direct line for the Sea Devil Tavern to meet up with my friends Iris & Rose. I snapped this photo
just before I took this photo of Rose then went out and watched them perform. I spent the remainder of the business day in their company. I sold their swag for them during the shows and relaxed with them in between sets. Thanks girls.

~KR (Written on 25 November 2008)

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“Antique Rogues Show” at TRF Tuesday, Nov 18 2008 

Antique Rogues Show 10

16 November 2008

After a Saturday at TRF that finally rocked and rolled for us at Pendragon—there was even better music on Sunday!  The Rogues, formerly known as the Scottish Rogues, and more recently, disbanded, reunited on Sunday for four amazing performances during the faire day.  How wonderful to have Bryan, Randy, Jimmy and Lars all in one place, and playing together again!  (Even EJ joined in for a couple of songs.)

I was lucky enough to be able to get out of the booth with Kyle for long enough to catch the third show of the day.  It was almost like old times—except that we’re all so much older!  The original “Rogue Rat”, Erin French, was there with Bobby and Paige!  She’s sixteen, now and her little sisters were the ones dancing in Daddy’s arms and running around.  Bryan had his two pre-teen boys collecting tips!  And, sadly, there wasn’t a lot of lilting going on.  But, the music and the spirit and the fun was certainly not lacking!  What happy memories—what a great performance in the “now.”

Thanks, guys!  We miss you!


Amber in Blue Tuesday, Nov 18 2008 

Amber in Blue

15 November 2008

Every weekend at TRF, there is a wonderful element of “homecoming” and “reuniting” with people we don’t get to see very often.  Sometimes it’s a much-anticipated, long-planned event such as a visit from Larry and Denise or George and Delaenya.  (This week it was Lance and Kimber!  Next week it’s Rick and Frank!)  Other times, it’s a total-out-of-the-blue visit from someone we weren’t expecting at all.  And often, it’s just a fun surprise that we knew was a possibility, but didn’t dare to count on happening—such was the visit this weekend by many of our friends who came to TRF to see the “Antique Rogues Show!”  Amber and Steve and Bobby and Paige and Erin, were just such a visit.  And not only did we get to see all of them, but Amber has spent heaven knows how many hours adding glitter and bling to her beautiful Courtesan costume.  She has done such an amazing job of taking this outfit to the next level, that I just had to take her picture.    Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s easily one of the most beautiful women I’m lucky enough to call a friend!  I took a shot of her with Steve in the booth, but that wasn’t enough.  I wanted her in the sunshine.  So, here she is, looking like a professional model!

And those shoes!


Iris & Rose Tuesday, Nov 18 2008 

16 November 2008
I have the very great fortune to be friends with these two lovely ladies
Iris & Rose.
At faire, they are known as Iris & Rose – Wild & Thorny. They are singers of bawdy ballads and naughty ditties and are, truthfully, one of the most entertaining acts you will find at the Texas Renaissance Festival. If you find yourself at TRF, Scarborough Renaissance Festival or the Colorado Renaissance Faire, please treat yourself to one of their shows and tell them I sent you. 🙂

~KR (Written on 17 November 2008 )

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Fairy-licious! Tuesday, Nov 11 2008 


9 November 2008

I stalked a fairy today.

And I caught her.  Or perhaps I should say that she caught me.  She certainly captured my attention.
I was in the ladies restroom washing my hands, when this creature came in.  I was duely impressed, and I think I may have told her so, as I watched her disappear into the largest stall. (Wings are a handicap, you know!  Not unlike hoop skirts!) As I walked back across the lane, I realized I’d really like to have her picture.  So, kept an eye over my shoulder for her to come out of the building, and I asked Donny if I could borrow his camera, since I am woefully without one right now.  He quickly obliged, and I tripped back across the lane to wait for her to reappear.  And waited. 
Finally, I began to feel a bit silly about stalking a fairy, and started to back away from the restrooms, back toward my booth, all the while watching for my fairy.  I was all the way back to the shoppe, still looking longingly across the lane when our friend Pam asked me what I was doing.  I told her my story, and her immediate response was, “I know her!”
“Of course you do,” I said, and in fact, further conversation verified that her friend and my fairy were one and the same.  Finally, as we talked, the fairy emerged from the restrooms and Pam bounded across the lane after her.  Moments later, my fairy was shaking my hand and accepting my compliments on her charming and creative recreation of what I guessed must be an Amy Brown painting.  Amy Brown’s fairies all have a “style” and this was it.  She told me her truest inspiration was actually Renae Taylor–another very talented artist, from Kansas City, who actually does renfaires.  In fact, I own some of her work, and these black and white fairy’s wings were made by her.  Either way, I told her, she was a breath of fresh air and a delight.  I told her I’d been waiting, and waiting for her, and feeling like a stalker, and she related just how complicated it is to use a bathroom when dressed as she was!  We giggled about that, and she willingly posed for my picture (and for a couple of others as well!) 
We see a lot of fairies at the Renaissance Festival.  Who really knows why?  The fantasy element is undeniable at a renfaire, and certainly the costuming is less restrictive of movement and perhaps more comfortable . . . except for the wingspan, of course.  Some faires have even embraced the fantasy and included it in their performing company—Bristol Renaissance Faire does an extremely noteable job of this, with their “Fantasticals” and the way their other historical characters play with them.  I’ve seen a woman in noble garb react to being tapped on the shoulder by a fairy, by “seeing nothing” and talking to the patrons around her about how if she didn’t know better she might be drawn back into the days of her youth when she still believed in fairies.  Fun bit.
My fairy is a patron at the Texas Renaissance Festival.  She is dressing up not to fulfill a contract, but because she loves the smiles she brings to other people’s faces.  Like mine.  Oh, and she calls herself, “Nyte.”
Thanks, Donny, for the use of the camera!

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