Antique Rogues Show 10

16 November 2008

After a Saturday at TRF that finally rocked and rolled for us at Pendragon—there was even better music on Sunday!  The Rogues, formerly known as the Scottish Rogues, and more recently, disbanded, reunited on Sunday for four amazing performances during the faire day.  How wonderful to have Bryan, Randy, Jimmy and Lars all in one place, and playing together again!  (Even EJ joined in for a couple of songs.)

I was lucky enough to be able to get out of the booth with Kyle for long enough to catch the third show of the day.  It was almost like old times—except that we’re all so much older!  The original “Rogue Rat”, Erin French, was there with Bobby and Paige!  She’s sixteen, now and her little sisters were the ones dancing in Daddy’s arms and running around.  Bryan had his two pre-teen boys collecting tips!  And, sadly, there wasn’t a lot of lilting going on.  But, the music and the spirit and the fun was certainly not lacking!  What happy memories—what a great performance in the “now.”

Thanks, guys!  We miss you!