Just Another . . . Monday Wednesday, Nov 26 2008 

Margarita Monday at Chili's

24 November 2008

Really.  Call it manic.  Call it mundane.  Call it maddening.  Whatever label we give it, it can be made to look a whole lot more . . . merry . . . with a margarita.  My husband is very good at humouring me . . . this time it was at Chili’s.

Just one more weekend . . . and one more faire season Monday.  Of course, that one will be spent packing down the booth!  Oh, boy . . . I can hardly wait.


Margarita Menu Friday, Nov 14 2008 

13 November 2008
True to form when I called my wife to tell her I was on the way home, she replied with "Yay! I’m hungry." It’s faire season, so the cupboards are a bit bare, and it’s senseless to go buy a bunch of groceries that may or may not still be good by the time we return early next week. So, Chili’s it was. We actually were headed to our old haunt, No Frills Grill, but they were packed to the rafters – the NFL game I suppose (but really, who in our area cares about either the Jets or the Patriots) so we chose to go someplace a little more quiet (we had hoped, anyway – but that’s a completely different story). She ordered a margarita and dinner, I got a beer and dinner.
This is a photo of the table talker describing her margarita
Margarita Table Talker

~KR (Written on 14 November 2008 )

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Everything Will Be Alright by the Killers
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A Muted Dinner Monday, Oct 27 2008 

24 October 2008
For the second week in a row, Marita Beth went to TRF and I stayed home. I think this is the last week we are performing the dance apart; the dogs will just have to go to the kennel, and we will just have to suffer the costs. We have looked at a variety of options, some cheaper but less appealing (too far away, too intrusive &c) some just simply too expensive (the Pet Hotel at PetSmart for instance). So, off they will go next Friday morning to the kennel as we head to TRF.
In the meantime, I stopped at Jack in the Box on the way home and got some really-bad-for-me-but-tasty food. I’ve muted the photo, because that was my mood at the time (my wife was gone) and indeed was my pervasive mood through much of the weekend.
Details of a Dinner in Sepia

~KR (Written on 27 October 2008 )

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Ernesto Guevara Lynch by Seanchai & the Unity Squad
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Ceviche from Mi Tierra Monday, Oct 6 2008 

Ceviche from Mi Tierra

3 October 2008

Believing that this creeping crud I’ve been dealing with would surely be gone by now, we had made plans with two dear friends to have dinner tonight.  And not just any dinner—a chance to introduce new folks to the artful and tasty talents of our friend, Damaris, owner and chef at Mi Tierra Latin Fusion Restaurant.

There was no way a few sniffles and a little coughing were going to get in the way of the evening!  I worked during the day, including getting Joe’s mock-up ready for his fitting this afternoon.  Joe and Cindy have commissioned new duds that we’re hoping to debut at TRF.  Allyson and Rod arrived at the house right around six, as planned.  The missing cog in the wheel was Kyle.  We waited a little while, and then called him to see how much longer he might be.  We determined he should meet us at the restaurant, since the kitchen does close at 8 p.m.

So, we dealt with pups, picked a second bottle of wine to go with the one Rod had brought along, and Rod drove the three of us to the restaurant.  We were amused to note, that I was not the only one with the remnants of a cold bug.  Both Ally and Rod were sniffling, too!  At least I didn’t have to worry about “making” anyone sick!  We got to the restaurant, and were greeted just inside the door, by Carlos, Damaris’ husband and partner in the restaurant.  He is the “front man”—always chatting with the guests, always with a comfortable, jovial attitude that makes one feel more like a guest in his home, than a patron in his restaurant. 

Kyle arrived soon after us, and Rod opened a bottle of wine.  We ordered an appetizer sampler plate , this absolutely beautiful serving of ceviche that I chose to use as my photo of the day, and four different entrees.  Then it was Christmas!  Unbeknownst to us, Allyson had decided to give gifts this evening, and presented Kyle with an absolutely fabulous pair of stone dice—made of Tiger Eye!  He was thrilled.  And, for me there were amazing antique reproduction buttons and a set of “my size” bangle bracelets.  (When you are petite, it is so hard to find tiny bangles that don’t fall right down over your hand!)  Treasures from a recent trade show or two that she’d been to, and (thankfully) had thought of us!   But, we know that it is she herself, that is the real treasure.

We had been looking forward to this evening—ever since Kyle first got the phone call this summer from our dear friend Rod, telling him that he’d met Allyson through our MySpace pages, and they’d begun chatting a lot, apparently realizing more every day just how much, and how many friends they had in common.  Rod asked Kyle if it “would be okay” if they dated.  How adorable is that?  Allyson told us at dinner that when she got a friend request from this cute guy that Kyle and I seemed to know so well, she couldn’t figure out why they didn’t already know each other!  So, a number of weeks (I think they were celebrating two months!) later, here they are—still quite fascinated with each other.  And, since we love them both individually—the “two for one” aspect of this relationship suits us perfectly!!  We look forward to many more good times with this wonderful young couple.  Next time, it seems, it will include a game of some kind . . . perhaps, mah jong!


Dinner and a Drive-Thru Saturday, Oct 4 2008 

1 October 2008
Some times the day just gets away from you and goes to pot.
This was one of those days. On days like this, you just do what you can.
Here’s my photo of the day…and my dinner.
Jack in the Box

~KR (Written on 3 October 2008 )

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Ain’t That a Kick in the Head by Dean Martin
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Mi Tierra Latin Fusion Restaurant Friday, Jun 20 2008 

Mi Tierra Latin Fusion Restaurant

20 June 2008

Friday—our “girls who lunch” day!  I’d been really looking forward to this. Not only because I love spending time with my girls, but because our pre-arranged meeting place today was Mi Tierra!

Last Friday, Kyle and I had been a part of a group of folks who descended on this wonderful little restaurant on its opening day.  After months of anticipation, we were very pleased to be among the very first customers to patronize this charming place.  Damaris, the restauranteur, and her own chef, was once a co-worker of Kyle’s at American Airlines Cargo.  After a rather lengthy career with the airline, she finally decided to walk away from that and all the headaches that daily cubicle life entails, and trade it in for a chef’s jacket and a whole new set of headaches!

We enjoyed our meal and our experience so much that day, that I immediately suggested that we girls meet there the next time we lunched. 

When I arrived, about ten minutes before our planned meeting time, I was greeted by Giovanni, the teenage member of the restaurant family.  I reminded him I’d been there recently, and that Damaris and Kyle were friends, and he disappeared into the kitchen to tell his mom I was there.  I enjoyed a brief visit with her, where I got to tell her once again how much we enjoyed our lunch last Friday—so much in fact, that I was back with my girlfriends, today.  As we chatted, she seemed genuinely pleased we were there, almost as pleased perhaps as she’d been earlier this week when another group from the airline campus came for lunch—including a big vice president!  I asked how the first week in business had been, and she said that they were so busy over their first weekend that they ran out of food on Sunday!  What a great problem to have when you’re a three-day-old restaurant!

And, it’s no wonder!  All four of us were completely delighted with our meals and our service and our whole luncheon experience.  We ordered a sampler platter of appetizers that included sweet plaintains, and empanadas and wonderful little balls of potato-yumminess!  Ginger and I both ordered Caribbean Lasagna, and it was so tasty it was all we could do not to lick the plates!  Kelly and Sherrie both ordered meals (whose names are in Spanish, so I can’t remember them) involving rice and plaintains and pork, and both of them had servings big enough they took home leftovers for another meal or two!  We took our own bottle of wine (the liquor licensing is still in the works) and a corkscrew was cheerfully provided with no corking fee.  I was very proud that the girls all seemed to love their meals, and even prouder when Damaris came out of the kitchen to meet everyone!  This is a talented woman and we sure do want to see her succeed! 

Delicious food, excellent value pricing, friendly, attentive service—it’s a class act.  The only problem:  I’m about to go away for nearly three months, and have to wait ’til September to go back there again!!  So, I’m hoping our Daily KRuMB readers will all pay Damaris a visit, while I’m gone.  And, I can promise you:  one visit won’t be enough!!

Mi Tierra Latin Fusion Restaurant, 603 W. Abram Street, Arlington, TX 76002  817.861.9144

Tuesday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.        Sunday noon- 8 p.m.

The website is coming soon.  Email: mitierralatin@att.com


Second Lunch Sunday, Jun 15 2008 

Second Lunch

13 June 2008

Friday, the Thirteenth!  Certainly far from unlucky for me, for I had the good fortune to dine in three completely different restaurants on this day—enjoying three totally different cuisines!  The “foodie” in me was a very happy camper! 

Yesterday, my husband surprised me with an invitation to join him, and a number of his co-workers at the opening day luncheon today, of a new restaurant here in Arlington.  A former co-worker of his, a lovely lady named Damaris, has realized a longtime dream, and opened Mi Tierra—a Latin Fusion Restaurant on Abram Street in downtown Arlington.   Damaris, a native of Puerto Rico, has her sister and her mother with her in the kitchen, and her husband, Carlos, warmly greeted all her guests on opening day.  He shared with us that at least one day a week, he will get to cook, too!  Their son, and at least one other server, ably, yet with a charming amount of nervousness, dealt with the nearly full house resulting from our group’s attendance.  The opening day menu was far more limited than the regular menu will be, but we enjoyed deliciously-prepared plantains and Cuban sandwiches.   Others at our table were equally well-pleased with their salads and fajitas and flank steaks.  I personally look forward to my next visit when I plan to try the Ceviche!

Immediately after finishing this delightful meal, and congratulating our hostess and chef, I kissed my husband goodbye and drove to Hurst where I was to meet girlfriends for lunch!  This “second lunch” was planned last Friday when we wrapped up our sushi luncheon and decided that a weekly luncheon date was a good idea.  We settled then on Italianni’s as the place—it being a longtime favourite spot.  As I drove into the carpark and took the first available space, I was amused to realize that the four of us girls, had each driven our own vehicles to the mid-cities, and then parked one after the other, in a row!  So, I converted the visual memory into a digital image as I crossed the parking lot and entered the restaurant. That’s the photo above—the wheels of Kelly, Ginger, Sherrie and MB.  Obviously, I was the last to arrive—the other three were already enjoying conversation and perusing menus.   I was not much in the way of “hungry” after my wonderful Latin meal, so I ordered only the amazing fried spinach side dish that we all love so much at Italianni’s.  We girls enjoyed our time together and made plans for yet one more luncheon next Friday—at Mi Tierra!

After a super-fast mini fabric safari, I went home to my husband—it won’t be long ’til I’m many miles away and have only the cat to “go home to” when I’m out.  Leaving home for Bristol every summer, is so hard.  I wasn’t home for long it seemed, when Terrill called and asked if we’d like to join him at  No Frills Grill.  No surprise our answer was “yes,”  and off we went.  My husband however, it seemed had been plotting to treat me to Tex Mex and a margarita for dinner, so we did not stay to eat.  Instead, we played some trivia and then went to Mexican Inn. Hence my third (actually fourth if you count NFG) restaurant, and uniquely different dining experience of the day!

I meant to take a photo of my enchilada plate when it arrived, but I was distracted by how tasty it looked and when next I thought about it, my plate looked like this

It was a delightfully yummy day!


Chili’s Tegestological Contribution Wednesday, Apr 23 2008 

16 April 2008
Dinner at Chili’s with Ginger. Dinner with Ginger is always a treat, even when at Chili’s. I’m not overly fond of the place, but it is someplace where nearly everyone can get something that is palatable. And, they do make a decent margarita. I had the bad fortune to have a business trip planned on the day of and the day before Marita Beth’s birthday. So, we had dinner out tonight in celebration of my darling girl’s natal day. And…nary a photo taken aside from this tegestological close-up:

~KR (Written on 22 April 2008)

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Somewhere in my Broken Heart by Billy Dean
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