5 February 2009

I had to run a couple of errands today—getting ready for a weekend of friends from out of town. So, in an effort to utilize every moment and every drop of gasoline to it’s fullest, I arranged to have lunch with Stephen. I blame him for the accidental shopping that occurred and prevented me from finishing my last errand! 😉

But, Kyle was feeling generous enough to take me on that final errand when he got home. We went to Lowe’s, found the bolt and nut we think we need to fix a kitchen cabinet, and then treated ourselves to Abuelo’s.

I shot today’s one and only photo at the Lowe’s, and titled it in keeping with a news article I read today about how the word “screw” has attained a level of acceptance in journalism, no matter what the contextual meaning! Once upon a time, of course, it was considered terribly vulgar (and my mama would still have it be so!) to use the phrase “screw up” in regular conversation. But, times change, and language evolves (Did you know they recently put the word “meh” in the dictionary? That truly amuses me—thank you for writing that one into posterity with The Simpson’s, Matt Groening!—rhymes with raining). And this week, our shining star of a new president made a mistake, and publicly released a statement including the quote: “I screwed up . . .” The media took it in stride, printed it, and history is made.