Close-up of McKenna's New Outfit

20 August 2008

I always wanted to be the coolest aunt in the world.  Unfortunately, I live too far away to be a regular part of McKenna’s life.  And, I guess I’d say that I’m a bit more of a disciplinarian than her Daddy is.  So, I guess I’ll just have to settle for being the wacky aunt who has the crazy cat and who sews cool stuff.

McKenna and I had a fabulous time together last September, when she accompanied me to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  I put her in a makeshift costume, and she liked that so well, that I bought her one from a shop onsite that same day.  She enjoyed that one so much, that she wore it again for Halloween, and still loves it.  So, I came up with the bright idea that I could make her an even better outfit for next year.  And, now, it’s next year!  In only two and a half weeks, she and I will once again visit the renfaire together.  And today, I finished the main bits of her new outfit.  I still want to make her a little pink chemise, and some sort of hat or French hood.  But, the bodice and skirts are done, and the hoop is on order!  She’s going to look like a real princess!  I only hope I can dress to complement her!  Perhaps I should simply plan to look like her nurse! 🙂

My photo today is of her fabrics and trims; garments  piled on top of one another.  I want to add beads to the underskirt, like I did to the bodice, and when that’s all done, I’ll take another photo.

Dinner tonight was at Larry and Denise’s.  Kelly has just completed one of the new gowns Denise will wear this year at Dickens.  And, Larry and I finally organized our thoughts and finalized the design and fabric choices for an outfit we’ve been talking about me making for him for way too long.  I’m hoping to get it done for him for debut at TRF.  Anyway, the need to see them, and the love of their company, meant Kelly drove us up there and Larry cooked us dinner.  Yum.  As always, his cooking was much appreciated!   We even brought home leftovers!  And we got the extra bonus of enjoying a visit with his mom and dad, too. 

Hump day gone . . . the remaining weeks fly by.