Beading for Larry

20 November 2008

This was the first night all week, that we didn’t go out for dinner.  Instead, Kyle ate leftover lunch, and I finished off the last of the chicken and dumplings that Donna had sent me home from faire with from Saturday night.  Bless you, Donna!  Yum!

Usually, by the time Kyle gets home, I’m sick and tired of working and of looking at the four walls of our house, and I want to go out.  But, tonight, I was fine with staying in.  I still had some work to finish, and I really didn’t want beer! (I just realized it’s been a margarita-free week–how unusual!)  So, we ate our leftovers and watched a little recorded TV and then I finally finished beading the panes for Larry’s slops.  After two episodes of Chuck and one Big Bang Theory, Kyle was done, and I went back to the workshop for a while.  (It was good I did, ’cause the brownies have returned the missing stomachers, and so I worked on those.)

Sleepiness overtook me at about 2:15, and then . . . I shivered and dozed for an hour and half before finally getting up to get an extra blanket.  It got down into the thirties, and we haven’t succumbed yet, to the need for the heater.  The fall season is so precious and so short in our part of Texas, that we try to milk it for as long as we can.  The heating costs will drive up our electric bill soon enough!