Go Frogs!

27 September 2008

Kyle had his follow-up exam this morning, and the doctor said everything looked great.  The redness in the whites of his eyes, is normal, and is lessening every hour.  He is already seeing now, about as well as he ever did with his contact lenses.  Amazing.

We went out this evening, to Pappa’s Burgers on the West Freeway to attend a TCU game-watching party.  We met my long-time friend Mark, and we enjoyed the company of a hundred-plus TCU fans, to watch the Frogs get pummelled by OU.  It wasn’t pretty.  We had fun, though, and a great burger!

I took this photo of Mark holding the bag of coffee, late in the evening, after hope was gone, and I was looking for a distraction from the TV screen.  A woman at an adjacent table had won the java as a door prize, and since she can’t have caffeine, offered it to us.  I expect it to be much more dark and bitter than I usually prefer, but hey, it’s purple! (The bag is purple; the beans, sadly, are not.)

The following links are to a couple of absolutely wonderful, heartwarming stories about Galveston and the ongoing recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. 



Enjoy the read!