Proud Papa

17 May 2009

An absolutely beautiful, perfect-weather day at faire! And the crowds reflected that. Unfortunately, my sales did not—although East Wind Games seemed to rock and roll all day. I’m not sure what the deal was at our shoppe, but the majority of the people who walked into Pendragon today were not our typical ideal customers.

The brightest spot in the day for me, came when Starr and Joe and their boys showed up to faire. Kelly had sent a box for Starr to my house, and its contents were still a mystery. I could hardly wait for Starr to open the package and see what it contained. And what it contained was well worth the excitement.

Kelly had made for Alex, the cutest little scaled-down replica of Joe’s outfit, you’d ever want to see! We were all so totally charmed, and squealed with delight. Starr immediately put the little doublet on Alex and I snapped some photos—this is one of those. Does Joe look happy, or what?!

Now, I’m gonna both brag . . .and rag . . . on Kelly for a minute. This is the girl who has always said she didn’t sew for kids. Nope . . . didn’t want to . . . it’s a pain in the neck (or other body part) . . . it’s not worth the time . . . they’re gonna outgrow it, anyway . . . She gave me all sorts of crap for spending so much time on the outfit I made for my niece, McKenna last summer.

Uh-huh! Just before Scarborough, Starr let it slip that she wished she had a nicer shirt for Alex to wear.  Who took the bait?  My Kelly.  She made an amazing little shirt, complete with ruffles and hand-made strings to tie.  And, now, this! This adorable little outfit— a miniature version of the ensemble I made Joe last spring—is the cat’s meow!  She did a great job.  And all from measurements taken by big brother Troy, in pseudo-secret! Kudos to my Kelly—she made our day!  And, I know she made the Cooksey/Capps family very, very happy!

The after-hours event that we’ve come to call “The Alex Show” was more photogenic than usual, too!