Twittering the Tiles

27 August 2009

I worked the glass studio again this morning . . . we made a whole pile of pumpkins! I took this fun shot of the furnace door after we were done.  Too busy to take pictures while working! Again, I did various apprentice-y things, including playing with the gold leaf!

The next adventure of my day was the meeting with the contractor and our craft coordinator about our very leaky roof. I’ll be waiting anxiously for the estimate for those repairs.

When I was finally free of all that, I ran out to do my necessary errands of the day.  Next to the brand new FedEx/Kinko’s store, was this!  I had to take the photo—I knew Kyle and Ronnie, at least would appreciate it!  Who knew Kenosha would get a Games Workshop store?  After a Target run, I then met Ginger and Kelly and Kat at George’s house for pizza and mah jongg. George has this gorgeous set of “enrobed” mah jongg tiles that we all love to use! I wonder how easy it is to tell whose hands are whose in my photo of the day?