A Cold Night at TRF Tuesday, Nov 25 2008 

It's Cold at TRF Tonight!

21 November 2008

Oh my goodness, we’re cold!  The temperature is dropping, just as the weathermen promised—we’re expecting it to be in the thirties during the night.  Fortunately, we have an electric mattress pad which keeps us pretty toasty while we sleep. 

I got all my Friday projects done, and made three chain girdles after arriving at faire.  Kyle worked a little late, but his timing was perfect for me to have everything pretty much ready when he got home, and off we went.  Once again, we left our pups in the capable care of Rod and Allyson.

So, into weekend number seven at TRF.


Ice and a Pink Straw Monday, Sep 29 2008 

Ice and a Pink Straw

28 September 2008

I have been surrounded by old receipts and file folders for days.  We’re coming up on a tax deadline, and I cannot believe how many hours I have in this project.  Arrggghhh!

After a long, boring day of shuffling and filing paper, Kyle took me out for Tex Mex and a margarita.  My photo is of that margarita.

“Mr. New Eyes” is pretty darned pleased with himself these last couple of days.  He has already used the words, “life-changing.”  The redness that’s left in his eyes tonight isn’t much worse than what would normally result from a long day in his contact lenses.  Today, he went down to NFG to watch part of the Cowboy game (ouch!) with Terrill,  and apparently, at one point in the game, Terrill asked “Mr. New Eyes” to tell him the score, ’cause he couldn’t read the screen himself.  Kyle could and did.  I’m so happy for him.  One more follow-up appointment on Thursday, and then he’ll be done with the antibiotics and all that really remains is for him to simply enjoy seeing!