Border Collies and Boys

29 June 2009

I’d had a recent Facebook chat with Rex, so I knew there was a good possibility that he and the boys would be driving through our part of Texas sometime this week. But, I missed yesterday’s phone call, and when today’s came, they were only an hour out of town! Their timing was perfect, as I’d already finished the work I had planned to do loading tubs of fabric from the workshop into the trailer. I jumped in the shower, and checked my email, and it wasn’t long ’til the doorbell rang!

I knew to expect these two beautiful little boys to have grown like weeds. After all, it’s been years since I had seen them last, and well . . . boys do that! 😉 Gareth almost remembered me, and Tristan was still a tiny baby when his family moved from Texas, back to California. I have followed their growth as much as I could via photos online, but that does little to convey personality. It was a pleasure to get to see them, and their dad.

Almost as great a pleasure, though, was getting to see Charlie and Charlotte—the two border collies that round out their little travelling family. Any dogs that visit here are more than welcome, and doubly so those of the same breed as our two. But, what made this really special, is that Charlie (14) and Charlotte (9) are our ‘Tia’s parents. So, it was a real “homecoming/reunion” of sorts.

We had a great visit, and so did the little dog pack. On their way from California to Florida, where Rex is planning to settle down for a while, he had promised the boys he’d show them where they lived in Texas and where Tristan was born. I’m so glad the timing on this worked out such that I was still here, and not already on the road north.

Sometimes I think it’s really difficult to get the cat, or my two dogs to sit still for a photograph. Well, from now on that will seem easy! Try two boys under the age of ten and four hyper border collies! Like nailing jello to a tree!  In this photo, our ‘Tia is front left, and Cormac is front right.  Gareth is holding Charlie on the left, and Charlotte is under Rex’s arm, with Tristan in the center.

I went back to work after hugs and mutual safe journey wishes, and they were all once again on their way. I worked ’til about 7:30 or so when Stephen and Ed brought me the costume bits that I’m transporting to Bristol so Steve doesn’t have to fly with them when he visits. We went to Coker’s for dinner and Kyle met us there. Yet another farewell in the parking lot, there, and my last week marches on.