Stephen in Stirling

24 September 2008

My photo today, is of our dear friend Stephen, modeling his brand new kilt and Bonnie Prince Charlie jacket.  He has wanted this thing for a very long time, and finally, with his income from the summer at Bristol, was able to make his purchase from Scotland at the end of the season.  It arrived this morning!  So, a little bit wrinkled from overseas shipping, but looking awfully fine—here it is!  The jacket is a yummy sort of indigo/navy blue, rather than black—a very fun change from the usual.  The kilt itself is made of a lightweight, Stirling Regional tartan.  It’s really a beautiful weave—I took a more close-up shot of it, too.

Stephen bought these beautiful pieces, knowing that they would be the main part of his attire for the Gingerbread Ball.  Unfortunately, the fate of the 2008 Gingerbread Ball is uncertain.