Just Another . . . Monday Wednesday, Nov 26 2008 

Margarita Monday at Chili's

24 November 2008

Really.  Call it manic.  Call it mundane.  Call it maddening.  Whatever label we give it, it can be made to look a whole lot more . . . merry . . . with a margarita.  My husband is very good at humouring me . . . this time it was at Chili’s.

Just one more weekend . . . and one more faire season Monday.  Of course, that one will be spent packing down the booth!  Oh, boy . . . I can hardly wait.


Galveston Historical Foundation Plea Friday, Oct 31 2008 

Galveston Historical Foundation Plea

28 October 2008

After yesterday’s adventure, I found it to be rather poignant timing that this flyer arrived in my mailbox today.  The bottom of the page states that Dickens on the Strand will go on, and gives the dates. 

Whether it’s with a Foundation membership, a simple donation, or just the price of an admission ticket to Dickens on the Strand—the island needs our help.


I was wordy enough yesterday, to last us all a while, so that’s all you get, today. 😉


Debit Hell Friday, Apr 18 2008 

8 April 2008
Ahh, the credit card. The bane of society & the root of much misery. But, this style, I find more palatable as it’s a debit card, not a credit card. Yes, Visa branded it, but I can, in no way, spend money I don’t have with this little piece of plastic.
Holographic Debit
And, it precludes the necessity of carrying around bundles of cash or cumbersome checkbook. Yes, despite the stigma attached to the lowly credit card, I find the debit card to be my friend.

~KR (Written on 15 April 2008)

Listening to:
Walk to the Water by U2
from Best of 1980-1990

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