Clearing the Way Thursday, Sep 18 2008 

14 September 2008
Sunday. A day of rest. Yeah, not really. This is Marita Beth’s first Sunday home since June and we made a much-needed trip out to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. We’re hoping that this off-season will be the time when we are able to expand the back of my shop into viable storage & living quarters. But, to do that we needed to take measurements of the existing structure and of the available land. But, to do that, we had to clear away the "jungle" that grows in our absence. Here’s my wife taking her determination & shears to the massive weed population:

~KR (Written on 17 September 2008 )

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Neglected Road Monday, Sep 24 2007 

22 September 2007
Friday, and thank goodness. I got a good start on the day and was running early enough that I stopped on a sideroad to snap some shots. This road is a short little, abandoned feeder between Trinity & Mossier Valley in Ft. Worth.
Neglected Road
Perhaps abandoned is too strong a word, but it certainly is neglected. That includes the several houses (read: shacks) on the road, too. Quite an eye-opening experience driving a road like that in a "civilized" area like Ft. Worth. Makes me appreciate what I have.

~KR (21 September 2007)

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The Derelict Friday, Jul 20 2007 

20 July 2007
A different route to work this morning, fresh batteries in my camera and voila!
The Derelict
Instead of taking my normal route down Trinity, I took a back road. It’s a nearly deserted route with many a photographic opportunity on it; if, that is, you’re fond of dereliction and dilapidation. For that’s what I encountered for nearly the entire length of the trek. This nearly-falling-down derelict I encountered when I had travelled approximately half of the road. Much more to come I expect.

~KR (20 July 2007)

Weeds Saturday, Jun 16 2007 

15 June 2007
Another boring picture from another boring drive; this one to work rather than from work as the previous days photo.
Weeds. Right outside and at the height of my passenger side window. We’ve had a lot of rain in North Texas over the past few months. So much so that the drought status has been lifted and I’ve heard that most communities will not be instituting watering bans over the summer. Very unusual. But, then again, weeds the height of a sedan are pretty unusal, too.

~KR(15 June 2007)

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Lonely Road Monday, Apr 23 2007 

12 April, 2007
I have no choice but to post numerous times a day to get caught up. It’s difficult, at the best of times to accomplish this, but on occasion the small sacrafice can be made; that is push something to the side momentarily while I retake the task to get my photos & words online.
This photo was taken on 12 April and it, too, is being posted on 23 April:
Lonely Road
This road retreats from one of my primary driving arteries into an area that, despite lack of rainfall, almost always has some vestiges of water remaining. Enough water, in fact, that many of the local fisherman in the area take sport & solace down this mostly abandoned and overgrown road.

~KR (12 April, 2007)

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That Abandoned Lorry Friday, Mar 2 2007 

1 March, 2007
Abandoned Lorry 2
I cannot even begin to tell you why, but this abandoned man-made structure beckons to me. Is it because nature is so desperately trying to reclaim it? Is it because I’m appalled at the fact that this eyesore has been left to rust & rot in an open field? Is it because it’s just that much outside the constraints and confines of my "normal" life? Whatever it is, I seem to take a number of photos in and around this area. This one for instance, although not of the lorry itself, was taken at the same field. There’s many more that I’ve kept Private or simply not posted due to lack of overall quality. But, there is definitely something that keeps me coming back to this area. Interesting.

~KR (1 March, 2007)

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