The Hat

6 November 2009

I wish there was a way for me to take a photo that would actually show the scale of this wonderful witch hat I wore last weekend. But, I’m afraid I’ll have to leave the photographing of me (5 feet tall) wearing the hat (3 feet tall) to somebody else.

At after two a.m., though, when Kat and I finally gave in to the “tired” that was creeping over us as we worked, the hat caught my weary eye, and thus became my photo for the day.

I am at faire this weekend without my husband . . . something that never makes me happy. He discovered yesterday that he has a big, nasty deadline of Monday for a major project at work and there is simply no way he can comply without putting in more hours this weekend. He is not a happy camper. And I’ll be lonely without him.
But, the dogs will be delighted!