Fall Repotting

2 November 2009

Every fall, somewhere in the middle of TRF, I get a wild hair to do some indoor gardening. I keep a number of “hard to kill” pothos plants in the kitchen windowsill and in our dining room nook, and they occasionally require repotting or clipping. And sometimes, my little clippings that also live in vases on the windowsill mature to the point that they have viable roots that make them ready for their own little pot and some dirt. 

I can’t explain why I love doing this . . . I’m sure a psychologist would have plenty to say about how I’m satisfying some need to nurture . . . scratching a mothering itch of some kind. And, that doctor would probably be right.

Today’s repotting project resulted in a new arrangement on the windowsill and a few fall decorations tossed into the mix.