Goose's Acre Taps

29 October 2009

The birthday celebration continues.  We left today for TRF, rather than waiting until Friday.  Kyle had heard about this little pub in The Woodlands, and had informed me opening weekend of faire, that he wanted to visit the place on his birthday weekend.  So, I put it on the calendar, we made plans to take friends along with us, and we made it happen.

Kyle and I got to faire, unloaded the stuff and then loaded up three beautiful women:  Roxy, Damaris and Kelly.  That’s when the rain really got intense.  It had been raining most of the day (most of the week, too, I think) and we knew it was supposed to quit before the weekend.  But, I, at least, didn’t realize it was to get so much more violent before it ran its course!  Kyle drove us from faire to The Woodlands in some awful rain and strong, high wind.  We got there safely, and while there, the rain did finally peter out.

The place is very nice, if a little off the beaten path.  It is in a modern setting—not what I’d expected, but that’s okay—and it is designed and decorated within to recreate a little pub in the UK that was demolished to make way for a motorway expansion.  Apparently, a couple of Americans with money had fallen in love with the place, and when they found out it was closing and being torn down, they made a deal to buy the contents of the pub. We are unclear as to just how much of the interior of this Texas place is original to the British pub, but we know for sure the bar and barback are from across the pond.   

My photo is of the amazing array of taps on the front of the bar—very British in style.  We had a wonderful time—good food, good beer and great company in a delightful setting.  And the drive back to faire was smooth and quick in comparison with the first leg of the trip.  So, birthday celebration day #2 was a wonderful success.