30 October 2009

I’d be just fine if I never have another Friday quite like this one.  Kyle on the other hand, had a fabulous day, kicking back and having fun—day three of his birthday celebration, and the birthday isn’t until tomorrow!  There was beer, and food, and beer and golf, and beer and . . . well, I’m sure he’ll write about it!

I knew it would be a busy day, but I had no idea it would be quite as hectic for me as it was.  We slept in a little, and I did manage to squeeze in a lunch date with my man, but after that it was a crazy thing.  I guess I didn’t have my own tasks organized enough or something, but I felt as if I spent the entire day doing things backwards, and watching the clock.  From picking up boxes, to preparing the guest booth, to meeting our guests when they arrived . . . nothing went quite as I’d imagined it.

But, when all is said and done—we are ready for the weekend. 

Oh . . . and that daily photo thing . . . yeah.  Not happening today.  I never even thought about my camera one time.  Wouldn’t you think that after three years, I wouldn’t still be screwing up on that?