Night Time Work Crew

28 October 2009

This is an awful photo, taken literally, as I was driving by, of a medical office down the street.  When I went out tonight to meet Kyle and some friends at Rob’s, the white SUV was still “parked” in the wall of this building!  (Too bad I didn’t have the camera ready, then!)  It made me instantly glad I was running so late, because it looked to me like the vehicle had come through the light at Arkansas, south-bound on Green Oaks!  If I’m right, that means it jumped the median, crossed three north-bound lanes of traffic (upon which I was driving), jumped the curb, crossed the lawn, and plowed into the brick wall hard enough to knock an SUV-sized hole in it, so that I could see filing cabinets!  The fire truck and ambulance were there, but there wasn’t a lot of hustle and bustle of people, so I’m hoping no one but the driver was injured—and I hope that wasn’t bad, but it can’t have been good.

So, when I returned home, I was ready with my camera, but, as you can see the movement of my vehicle, the nighttime light, and the distance from the building across the road all conspired to mean my photo sucks.  Oh, well . . . this one is about the story.  And about being sure that everything happens for a reason—including me being an hour late for the birthday gathering at Rob’s.  And about being grateful.

The gathering at Rob’s was the kick-off for Kyle’s October 31st birthday, of course.  Since he’s away from the office Thursday and Friday, his work friends and bar buddies decided this was the night to raise glasses in his honour.  There was pool, of course, and munchies and cake to go with the beverages.  So, the weekend-long party has begun!