Crocheted with Love

23 October 2009

A very hectic day of sewing, errands, housework, packing, visiting the vet with the cat, dropping the dogs at the kennel, driving four hours to faire, and unpacking and displaying product, finally resulted in crawling under the covers at about 2 a.m. As I got in bed, I realized there had been no photography yet today. I grabbed my camera, and literally took a photo of the first thing I “saw.” The hand-crocheted afghan I use at faire as the top layer of warmth for when it’s really cold outside. This is one of many handmade items in my life that I joyfully use and think fondly of the skill, the talent, and the love that created it. This piece was made for me many, many years ago by my Gammy. She tried to teach me on more than one occasion how to crochet. I still have a partially-completed attempt at an afghan of my own in my workshop. But, sadly, I never mastered the necessary skills and patience, so I appreciate her fine work even more!