Halloween Cometh

20 October 2009

Pretty much my favourite of the established commercial holidays in this country—Halloween—is just around the corner. Normally, I wouldn’t claim a favourite holiday. I realized this about myself in July when visiting with my family the week of my brother’s wedding. We played a game at the breakfast table, designed by my mama to encourage McKenna to eat her food. What’s your favourite colour? What’s your favourite animal? What’s your favourite holiday? In each instance, my mother, and her granddaughter both blurted out an answer without much thought, and McKenna would eat a Cheerio. That the game resulted in breakfast being eaten was amazing enough, but even more amazing to me was the ease with which they played it. It was as if they had a ready file in their heads of all their favourite things.

But, I was the weak link in the game. I could not quickly come up with honest replies to these questions. I don’t have just one favourite colour, I have five or six. I love many animals—how do I pick between dogs and cats and eagles and bunnies? And holidays? Holidays are my thing! I love them all! It was an interesting realization, and after a little bit of an altercation with my mom over it, I finally realized they didn’t really care what my favourite anything was. They just wanted an answer so the game could continue. So: pink, cats, and Halloween.

Am I weird? Or do most people have clear, black and white favourites in any given category? I can easily come up with lists of favourite things, a la Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. The smell and the sound of rain, the colours of autumn leaves, the beauty of a rainbow. But, that’s not the same thing as being asked “what is your favourite _______?

Anyway . . . I love to decorate for Halloween, and the creepy crawlies have just started to emerge around the house. This photo today is of a fuzzy spider that has taken up residency on top of a floor lamp in our living room.