Flat Tire . . . ya think?

15 October 2009

Today didn’t go exactly as I’d planned.

Kyle’s insane workweek continues: I have completely lost track of how many hours he has spent on conference calls this week. One of those calls lasted for thirteen-hours straight! Conference calls, and working from seven a.m., all day, all evening and into the night until 12:30 a.m. one day—trying to solve problems he didn’t create, and has no control over, yet is likely to be blamed for not knowing exactly how to fix—he was still working at home this morning! I figure this is some sort of trial by fire the universe is handing him, and when he emerges on the other end, with all the servers and all the programs working as they should, he’ll look like a god! I know I’ve been impressed by his patience with the folks who are really to blame!

So, because I was starting to feel angry on his behalf, I was not a good influence on the household this morning. I decided I should get out and run some errands I’d been putting off. So, I got dressed and made my list and headed out. First on the list was a quick visit to Stephen. He’s had the flu and hasn’t gotten out much lately. I didn’t want to stay and breathe his air, or run the risk that my cough might somehow still be contagious, but I did want him to know he was on my mind, and I had some baskets to deliver to him for his mom’s craft projects. So, off I went.

Up Green Oaks Boulevard, across Pioneer Parkway, ’round the loop onto Lancaster and WHOMP! The unmistakable sound of all the air rushing out of a large tire! And, then, lub, thump, lub, thump, lub, thump while the empty rubber and steel belts get dragged around the wheel and under the weight of the big truck. I was only going about forty miles an hour, so, it was easy to slow down to a crawl and limp my way the extra few yards to pull off the road and into the parking lot of the Handley Feed Store. Adrenaline rush was minor, it was all very quick and relatively easy. I sat for a moment, and then got out of the truck to go look at my damage. Yep. Flat tire. I couldn’t see the issue . . . obviously it was on the bottom at the time. I placed a call to my auto club, a call to Firestone to make sure they had my tire in stock, and a call to Kyle. Then, I called Stephen to tell him the basket fairy had tried to visit but had had her plans foiled! I called Kelly and chatted with her for a while. I went into the Feed Store, bought some doggie treats and priced dog crates. I was tempted by the doggie Halloween costumes, but I decided that would have to wait until I someday have a little lap dog.

Still no sign of my road rescue, so I called again. Wires had gotten crossed, I think, and they were now on their way. So, I waited a little while longer, chatted with Kelly some more 😉 and at just about the two-hour mark, my tow truck arrived. The nice man was more than willing (and expecting, I think) to have to change my tire. We established that my spare was in good shape, but I opted for a tow instead. I was barely four miles from my Firestone store, and they had my tire waiting. Why bother with the stupid spare donut thing? Onto the tow truck, and down the road, and a signature later, it was time to spend money. Not too bad, that—50 percent road hazard warranty. My main photo of the day is the view of the tire, after it came off the tow truck. I don’t know exactly what happened—I never saw anything in the road that I might have run over. But, something did a job on that tire! While Firestone had the truck, I called Kat, and she came and scooped me up and we grabbed a quick lunch together. So, the errands I began at 11 o’clock this morning got started at about 4 p.m.

Kyle did finally get to go into the office today, and when he got home, he took me out to dinner where he got to hear all about my adventures.