Favourite New Baubles

16 October 2009

Fed Ex is currently not my friend.

After receiving one of two boxes a day early I was curious how that happened, so I got online and tracked my two boxes. They were both shipped Fed Ex Ground, with a guaranteed arrival Friday at 7 p.m.

Well, that is not okay, since I like to be AT TRF by 7 p.m! In fact, this week, I was rather hoping to be there by four or five, and be able to attend the Sound and Fury show in Conroe at 7 p.m. But, obviously Fed Ex had other ideas.

I have no idea why one box showed up on Thursday, but I was grateful. I decided to try to solve the problem of the second box, so I called to see if they could hold the box for me to pick it up at their distribution center. I could see by the online tracking that the box was in Grand Prairie, and apparently not yet on a truck for delivery. The girl I spoke with said she would have to call me to confirm that my request could be granted, just in case the box really was already on or being placed on a truck. It was 8 a.m.

I prepared for my trip and my weekend while I waited for that phone call. The call never came. At 11 a.m., I was mostly ready to go, except for a few final errands, so I took another look at the Fed Ex website. Now, my box indicated it WAS on a truck. Grrr. Apparently, we didn’t catch it this morning before it got loaded, so it would be delivered . . . sometime between now and seven p.m. Since I had told the young lady on the phone that I really needed to leave town around 2 p.m., with the box, I decided to hope they would try to deliver to me earlier rather than later. I knew the box needed no signature, so off I went to buy water, and shelves, and weekend food. I returned home shortly after two to find — still no box. I did some sewing, did some writing, repacked the truck, and still no box. At about 3:30 p.m. I decided to track the package again—not sure why. The tracking wouldn’t work. I tried every way I knew how to track that box, and my “track” buttons simply didn’t work. So, I called them. On the third attempt to explain to someone my situation—don’t even ask why it took three tries—the girl put me on hold again, to contact the local station to see if they could tell me where the truck was. I’ve done that dance before, where I’ve met the driver in a parking lot somewhere to get my box, and that’s what I was thinking we’d do at this point. But, while I was on hold, the tracking button worked, and at 3:45 Fed Ex had changed the status of the box to “held at center for customer pick-up.” What? When the young lady came back to the phone, she told me the same thing. I was not happy.

So, I called Jim, and after an amusing conversation where he was reminded how important it is I get my stuff for TRF either on Thursdays or delivered straight to faire, we established that the contents of this box are duplicates from one of last week’s missing boxes (did I mention, that Fed Ex and I are not currently on friendly terms!) and therefore unnecessary for this weekend. In a nutshell, that meant that I waited all day for a box to be delivered that wasn’t going to be delivered after all and that I didn’t even need.

I did finally hit the road for TRF and get here, and get almost all of my set up done by myself. (Kat is working Screams for the first time tonight!) As I took off my jewelry to go to bed, I was reminded how gorgeous is this new piece from Allyson of Beading Dreams.  I placed it in the sweet little copper bowl she also made for me, and snapped it’s photo—a jumble of citrine and rutilated quartz and some other fabulous little stone dyed blue.  I love it.  I think I’ll wear it again tomorrow!