Cat's Cradle with a Silver Chain

18 October 2009

After a weekend of long hours, beautiful weather, and acceptable sales, it was too late for us to make it to an offsite restaurant before closing times would impinge on our ability to have cheerful service. So, we stayed in. Having had a disappointing experience the night before at a nearby rennie restaurant, we weren’t inclined to do that, either. So, instead, I got out my girdle-chain-making supplies and set my sights on completing a few more items before bedtime.

As it was, Kat also decided to hang tight—neither of us was physically up to the drive home with any amount of safety, so staying overnight was a given.
We ended up chatting and enjoying each other’s company as I made girdles. I got Kat’s input on pricing, and she even helped with some of the design elements—the girl has a good eye! At one point, I came across this cool little silver chain that was fine enough it acted rather like a small rope, and for some reason I got the idea to wrap it around my hands like a string and go through the motions of making Jacob’s Ladder! I was impressed with myself, just enough that the next thing I knew we were playing Cat’s Cradle like a couple of third-graders! We did very well, considering we were playing with chain and each wearing multiple finger rings! Silliness abounded and fun was had. Creativity also abounded and when the night was through and we were too cold to keep standing there, I had nine new girdles on the rack! Woo hoo!