Blue Anne Fabrics

17 October 2009

As a retailer of specialty items, it is always amazing to me how impossible it is to have what every customer really wants. No matter how wonderful what you have is, no matter how many choices you provide, someone will always want the exact something that you do not have.

That seems crazy when I put it into words, because of course it isn’t possible to have one of every possible conceivable product—the possibilities are far too infinite. But, it never seems to fail, that at least once a weekend, we’ll have the outfit of someone’s dreams, but in the wrong size. Last week it was a Courtesan outfit and Nicole is actually going to take one apart to remake it into a different size. This week it was an Anne Boleyn. Hopefully, this time we’ll have better luck with the fabric availability.

This is the photo I snapped for reference for Nicole to see what to purchase and what to sew for this new order. God Save Nicole and Pendragon Costumes!