11 October 2009

Rain. Not our first choice for opening weekend, but a common thing, really. Good thing we had a great Saturday, ’cause business today was almost non-existant.

One good aspect of the day was the revival of Bloody Mary Sunday at faire (not that we ever stopped doing bloody marys on Sundays just ’cause there was no faire, of course!) with Roxy and Damaris! Kyle and I had both looked forward to that since May! Two more charming drinking companions I cannot imagine! Next week, Kelly will join us, too, when she doesn’t have to hike through the rain and mud to get to us!
Any other takers? Sherrie? 😉

So, a long day of rain and very few patrons. Kyle never even donned garb. The fireworks were short and a little early, and the inventory was done, so we were able to hit the road by about 8 o’clock. Home shortly after midnight, exhausted, but safe and sound. Pups were glad to see us, as was the cat. (Many thanks to Allyson for pet-sitting this weekend!)

One down, seven to go!