Me in the Mirror

7 October 2009

There comes a point when I can procrastinate no longer, and even though my husband is home sick from work, I had to point my truck and trailer south and drive to TRF.

Although she was in a separate car this time, I was grateful for Kat’s company. Especially after we got there! The drive went well and we were onsite by about four o’clock. We worked for a couple of hours, cleaning on a very basic level. Then, we locked it up tight and left it with bug bombs blazing. We enjoyed a delightful meal at Rancho Grande with Kelly and Rhonni and her worker from New York. (Grrr . . . I cannot remember her name . . . I was so tired.) Then, a quick trip to Target, and back to the booth for a marathon of cleaning and set-up. Kat and I each went to our respective, CLEAN living spaces, and gave in to sleep at around three a.m. I stayed up a little longer—this photo was taken at 3:11 a.m.

It came out even cooler than I expected. It shows not only me, but it is a fun shot of our living space at the booth.  I love that you can see the camera and the little pink computer and the air card . . . the crazy, groovy fabric I decorated the walls with, and the bright yellow and red accents . . . the Mickey Mouse plush that Nicole gave me years ago, and a great photo of Kyle and I in a frame.  All the little parts of our world that make the booth a home away from home.

Another long day tomorrow.