Kyle with the Glass Hat

9 October 2009

Kat and I worked yet another long, hard day getting the booth ready for opening.  But, at least it wasn’t hot and muggy, again.  In fact, we were rather cold most of the day!  The front blew in at about nine o’clock this morning.  I was just getting going, after two late nights in a row, and I realized the approaching clouds were really, really dark.  I walked to the bathroom and noticed how warm it still was.  And then, within about three minutes, the temperature dropped at least ten degrees!  So, I quickly threw the last of the empty tubs into the trailer, and pulled out, so I could unhitch and have my truck backstage for the weekend, without the trailer.  I wanted to do all that before the rain came . . . I didn’t make it.  I was just deciding where to drop the trailer when the rain started, and while I was unhooking the stabilizer bars, it went from drizzle to outright rain.

By the time I was done, and had the trailer all locked up tight, I was completely soaked.  And cold!  I changed shirts so I wouldn’t stay cold, but the whole day was cool and rainy.  It made for a serious contrast from the day before, that’s for sure.  Kat and I dressed mannequins, made display decisions and just generally plugged away at getting the booth ready for opening.  John came, as promised, and handled a lot of the tool-related jobs (bless him!) and the last of the cleaning.  We sent him on his way home to BeaJay around six o’clock and kept on working.  It was around seven or eight when Kyle finally arrived, having travelled down with Curtis and Dwayne and Marcus of The Blazing Sun.  They had set up the pirate camp and started the chili cooking and then came to get us.  With sundown came serious cold (at least for Texas), and while the company and the food was delightful in the campground, we were cold and still had work to do before morning, so we didn’t stay out there too long.  Kat managed to make new friends right off the bat, though!

We went back and dug right into the work at hand.  Even Kyle helped us with a few tasks and kept us in a fun mood with music and wit, and a little bit of clowning around—hence my photo of my adorable husband using my wonky glass bowl I made a couple of years ago, as a hat.  I was unpacking some glass and happened to mention it was my hat-shaped bowl, and he was off and running!  At one point in the evening, there was even an impromptu waltz! (Kat happened to grab my camera and catch it just in time.)

We worked late; Kyle, in a wonderful gesture of love and solidarity,  stayed with us to the end, and the few tasks remaining at the end of the night should be no problem for us to finish in the morning. 

Bring on the patrons!