6 October 2009

My husband is sick.  He’s been coming down with something since Saturday, and probably should have stayed home from work yesterday.  But, he didn’t.  And, today, his body really gave him very little choice.  He is coughing so much it prevents sleep. So, he’s exhausted—and he just feels awful.

I tried to finish up all my packing and loading, while being as attentive to him as I could.  I wanted to be right with him, but I leave in the morning for TRF and I simply had to pay attention to all that means.  Kyle is pretty easy-going when he’s sick, though.  Mostly he just wants to be left alone.  So, I even went out and ran a couple of errands.  I’d give anything to be able to make him well, but, there is so little I can do, that sometimes it’s hard to watch. 

I did manage to make us a couple of mean scrambled egg sandwiches for dinner, but alas, I did not manage to take a photograph.  <sigh>