Gal Pals Breakfast

3 October 2009

Despite the lateness of the hour that most of us went to bed, we were up early on Saturday morning, and ready to have adventures.   It was Field Trip Day!  The plan for the day was for the seven of us to drive to Cleveland to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.  We did a pretty good job of getting out of the house early, although we did break down and make some coffee at home before going out to breakfast.  La Chatelaine (a very nice place, remarkably similar both in design and menu, to La Madeleine) served us a delightful breakfast, with each of us getting what we wanted to eat to start our day . . . eggs, french toast, quiche, fruit, eclaires, hot chocolate, orange juice, and of course, more coffee.  We ate, and giggled about how at least we were sitting around a different table! 

We piled back into the two cars and made the (not quite) two hour trip to Cleveland.  We were at a rest stop, just twenty minutes or so from town before I ever looked at a map to see just where I was or where I was headed.  Columbus is pretty darned close to the center of the state of Ohio.  Cleveland is north and east of Columbus . . . on the shore of Lake Erie!  I had no idea!  Of course, I immediately imagined how easy the transition will be for my Kelly—how similar the cities of Racine and Cleveland might be!  Cleveland is a larger city, but it seems to have the same sort of emphasis on the arts and on lakeside living.  And, from what I saw of it, I’m anxious to go back and learn more.

We found our way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum simply by following signs,  parked and reunited our little group in the lobby of the place.  I took a few photos on the walk from parking lot to museum, and took a couple more in the lobby before carefully stowing the camera at the bottom of my purse, so I wouldn’t be tempted to break the “no photography” rules.  I certainly would have liked to have taken photos of Elvis’ purple cadillac or Stevie Nicks’ costumes, or some of the signage, that although I read, I will never be able to remember many of the facts upon them. 

Founded in 1995, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is a beautiful building, right on the lakefront.  It is very modern in design—lots of glass and triangular construction—and it is apparently a popular site for wedding party photos!  But, it is the interior exhibits that are really outstanding.  The temporary exhibit on the higher floors right now, is one highlighting Bruce Springsteen.  Carrie said the first time she visited it was a U2 exhibit and I thought of how much Kyle would have enjoyed that.   And, when I texted Sean to tell him how cool the place was and how much he would love it, he texted back that he’d been there ten years or so ago for a Beatles exhibit.  How wonderful it must be for those who live near enough to go visit each new exhibit!

The Hall of Fame Museum itself is an amazing collection of memorabilia.  I can barely fathom the work that goes into controlling, archiving and displaying such a vast array of objects.  And, so many audio/visual presentations—some of them very interactive.  I especially appreciated the listening stations where you picked a genre of music from the choices on the screen, then picked an artist, and the touch screen allowed you to choose which of that band’s influencing bands you wanted to hear.  So interesting to hear them back to back and really be able to hear the similarities between bands decades apart that you never have thought to compare.

We also really specifically enjoyed the video presentation about Woodstock.   I had seen some of that footage (or similar) before, but never so much at one time, and never with quite the impact.  Peace, Love and Rock and Roll!

We easily killed about five hours, lunched, and shopped the gift shop before deciding we had experienced sensory overload and it was time to head home.  Carrie’s husband Charlie (another TCU pal) was cooking dinner for us, and we were looking forward to that.  The drive back seemed to go quickly and it was good to be off our feet!

Dinner was delicious—including Cosmopolitan cocktails and a lovely little gewerztraminer,   braised pork, autumn vegetables and polenta with fontina cheese and thyme . . . and Janet’s (Charlie’s mom) homemade apple pie.  And then, when Carrie and Charlie ran across the street to watch Emma’s band perform, the rest of us walked up the street to the local favourite ice cream shoppe!  Fortunately, it was a long enough walk to help relieve at least a little of the guilt! 

We all got back to the house at about the same time, and enjoyed more wonderful conversation and some great 21-year-old single malt scotch.  It was nearly one o’clock in the morning before we decided we should get some sleep.  And, even then, it was another almost two hours before Maria and I got too tired to continue our girl-talk. 

Obviously, I am finishing the writing about this day . . . the next day!   As I re-read what I’ve written, I realize there is really no way to convey the special bond I feel with all of these wonderful people.  How fortunate I am to have such rich friendships in my life.  How glad I am for this opportunity to renew them.  How grateful I feel.