Carrie and Emma

2 October 2009

Don’t you love that genetic stamp? This is our Gal Pals Weekend hostess, Carrie, and her daughter Emma. After a day of chatting and laughing, and an airport run to meet Maria’s flight, we girls all donned obnoxiously bright green t-shirts that say: “I’m just here to see Emma.” We then walked across the street, to the high school where Emma is a senior, and one of three drum majors in the marching band. And, we made sure Emma and her friends all saw her “mom and her posse!” Emma’s words!

The game didn’t go so well for the school, but the band performed well with Emma at the helm. They did a good show with a Beatles theme—brightly-coloured color guard outfits, some pretty outstanding solo brass performances, and a great little drum line. It was a fun halftime show. The visiting band was also excellent, with a really outstanding flag corps.

We Gal Pals left the bleachers after the halftime show and had our photo taken with Emma before heading back to the house. It was chilly, and there was hot cider and a choice of embellishments for it, waiting for us. We continued the evening with good talk and only just in the last few minutes have left the dining room and headed to our respective beds. I helped Carrie do some dishes before sitting down to write. And, since we are all headed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame early in the morning, I guess I’ll try to get to bed, too—after hopefully one more call with my darling husband whose job and understanding of how important my friends are to me, have made this trip possible. Thank you, Kyle.

I’m having a blast . . . the weekend is flying by!