Ohio Below

1 October 2009

I can’t resist doing this! I am currently sitting on a plane, surfing the internet! Is that the coolest thing or what?

I am bound for Columbus, Ohio, where I am about to spend four days with six of my best girlfriends from our TCU dormitory (which I might add, is no longer a dorm and has been made into an administration building).

As always when flying non-rev, whether or not I would get on the flight I hoped for, was a bit of a gamble. Although today, everything went as smooth as silk. I arrived at the airport later than I have for any flight I’ve taken since 9/11. I walked in, used the self-checkout, and it printed my boarding pass—not just an access pass. So, I gladly took it and read it . . . seat assignment: 4A! First class!

By nine o’clock I had a bloody mary in my hand and decided to continue my celebration by splurging on inflight internet service. I logged on and discovered a free trial offer for American Airlines’ GoGo, so I didn’t even have to pay the ten bucks! I’ve been served a great continental breakfast, and now I’ve snapped a photo out my window, uploaded it to Flickr, and completed a post to The Daily KRuMB!

It’s gonna be a great weekend! Gal Pals, here I come!