Margarita Empties

30 September 2009

The end of the month of September—oh my goodness, where did it go?

I spent my day packing and preparing the house for my absence this weekend. I’m off to my Gal Pals Weekend! Woo Hoo!

Of course, in the middle of all that, I also had a hair appointment, and a follow-up with the chiropractor. The suitcase is now packed (for the fourth time) and I don’t think I’m taking more than two items I probably won’t wear. Packing for this trip was a real challenge—the sheer number of years since I’ve seen any of these folks is enough to make me try on everything that went in the suitcase! And sweaters take up too much space!

When Kyle got home this evening, I was realizing the third packing job wasn’t working, and I was hungry. So, he took me to Chili’s for the chicken thing I enjoy so much, and we had a good time, knowing it’ll be a while before we have a leisurely evening together again. I snapped this photo as he was signing the credit card slip just before we left.

Since we got home, I successfully finished the packing, repaired my carryon bag and got all caught up on The Daily KRuMB. Just in case I fall behind again this weekend, I thought I should bring myself current tonight.

Tired now . . . hopefully I’ll be on a plane in eight hours! But, first a little sleep.