Artemis at Rest

29 September 2009

My cute cat again. Not terribly original, I know. But, I’ve been pretty busy with moving back in, cleaning, and packing for TRF. And, I’m packing for my little getaway weekend with the Gal Pals! I am as excited about this little trip to Ohio as I could possibly be! A total of seven of us, who were best friends in the college dorm, are getting together at the Columbus, Ohio home of one of the girls. Most of these women I have not seen since the eighties—over twenty years! Thanks to Facebook, we all found each other this year, and this weekend is the result! One good thing that came of TRF’s otherwise frustrating schedule change is that my break between Bristol and TRF allows for more free weekends than in the past. I will come home on Sunday night, and have exactly one day at home before leaving to go set up the Pendragon Costumes booth at Texas Renaissance Festival. Whew! But, it will be worth it!

Anyway, today’s photo—the cat. Not the first, and surely not the last time she’ll be adequate filler for me on a busy day.