My New Vacuum Cleaner

25 September 2009

With two dogs and a cat, life without a good, working vacuum cleaner is just not a reality I can deal with. So . . . I tossed the poor, twelve-year-old Oreck that’s missing a set of wheels and won’t suck . . . into the truck, and off I went. We used to have an Oreck store right down the street, but it’s gone, now. I was headed to Hurst.

I found the place with no problem, and carried the old machine into the store. I really suspected this might be the last time I saw it, and that I’d be headed home with a new one. My dilemna was that according to the information I found online, I couldn’t really afford the one I wanted. I’d be settling for a basic model. But, I figured, even a basic one, is better than none at all. After only a very brief delay, the young man working the store greeted me, and in no time at all, I was learning about my options regarding both repair and new vacuum cleaners.

I’ll spare our readers the minute details, but the end result is that not only did I leave the old machine with the hopes that it will be repaired, and bottom plate replaced for only $35 (they waived the service fee), but I also brought home a brand new machine, of the model I wanted, and it’s companion hand-held for the price I thought I’d be paying for the basic one! Woo hoo!

As I wrote on Facebook, I’m a little bit disturbed by how much I love my new vacuum cleaner!