My New Glasses 2009

26 September 2009

On my list of things to do every September is a trip to the eye doctor. I did that yesterday, and since my reading prescription changed a wee bit, I decided that was a great excuse for new glasses. I’m actually really delighted that I now have a choice of what glasses to wear. Way back in the eighties, when shoulder pads and hair and eyeglasses were all “big,” I was in a phase of my life where my prescription didn’t change. At all. For years. So, I’d get new glasses almost every year, until I built up a collection and could wear whichever pair of glasses best matched that day’s outfit. I loved that! I will never have that many again, but two is nice!

My photo is a close-up of one corner of the new glasses—the detail in the metalwork and on the earpieces is what I really wanted, but it wasn’t easy. The frames came from the storefront where my doctor has his practice. But, due to weird insurance company restrictions, they cannot make my glasses there, if I want my insurance to pay for them. However, just down the road, the Vision City folks have a different agreement with the insurance provider, and could make my glasses in an hour or two. But, they didn’t have any frames that knocked my socks off. So, we jumped through hoops, and worked the system, so I could buy the frames, drive them down the street, and have them made at the other place! Figuring all that out took some time, and some patience, but the result is an awesome pair of glasses!

It was a good day. Also in my photo is my dear husband in the background. We each did our respective errands this morning and then met for lunch and some very tasty beer at a new place in Mansfield called The Firehouse Pub. Then, a lovely evening at home, and a photo at bedtime.